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AP Racing Radi-Cal Big Brake Kits

12 Feb


We are now offering the full Radi-Cal big brake kit setups from AP Racing. This caliper design has raced successfully the world over, and is now optimized so that even a street car can take advantage of them. Some features that separate these setups from others, Firstly, these use a forged caliper, which are both lighter and stiffer than a typical cast caliper used in other big brake kits. One of the neatest aspects of these kits are they were designed to be user friendly. Not only are they a total bolt on, but from a servicing standpoint, they offer very quick and easy pad changes with the removable forged “H” brace at the top of the caliper. The caliper stays mounted to the car, and pads are quickly able to be swapped out.


The pistons are staggered hard anodized aluminum for equalized pad pressure, which in turn promotes better bite, more consistent brake torque, and the best pad wear possible. Dust seals are incorporated to ensure long life and minimal running costs.


The kits are all designed around OEM ABS and traction control systems as well, so no guesswork involved from a chassis setup standpoint. While many nowadays fit a big brake kit simple for their aesthetic value, AP has gone a long way to ensure these are both beautiful as well as the most durable calipers out there – they are both anodized and high temp painted, not just one or the other.


The disks used in these kits are directionally curve vane vented for maximum air flow through the disc. AP Racing’s unique curve vaned discs are Dyno and race proven as the best designed rotors for optimized cooling. The curve vane rotor acts an air pump pulling air into the center of the rotor and blowing it through the veins and out of the top of the rotor. This act allows the rotor to be self-cooling and work extremely efficiently.

AP Racing’s Wide Disc Technology (WDT) is used for the most efficient way to transfer heat to from the disc. Designs using wider discs with larger air gaps increase air flow rates within the discs as proven by AP Racing’s FEA, CFD and TSA testing. This goal was achieved while not increasing disc weight or disc stress and decreasing disc temperatures by up to 300 degrees F.

The disks are of course a 2 piece design, with anodized 6061 T-6 hats. That in and of itself isn’t necessarily “news”, but what is interesting is how they mount. These hats use 12 point mounting vs the 10 point that is more typically found. What’s more, these use floating hardware for the hat to disk which allows both components axial and radial movement. This allows each to cool quicker and more efficiently, while simultaneously allowing the disk to remain centered relative to the caliper. That feature then pays the user big dividends by significantly limiting pad knockback.


The disks also feature the J Hook slot design which increases frictional surface area across the rotor face but without being prone to cracking, like in a cross drilled rotor under extreme temperature swings. We can also offer the kits with a combination slotted/drilled rotor for those that prefer such a configuration.

The pads supplied are true dual purpose

The last piece to the puzzle is of course the brake lines. These can often be a weak link with other offshore kits, but not so with AP. They are made by Goodridge and feature fully extruded PTFE inner sections wrapped in a high strength stainless braid that is both corrosion and fire resistant. This is then all wrapped with a clear outer sleeve as well.


These kits are being offered initially for a wide range of vehicles including the Audi A4/S4 and A5/S5, BMW 3 series, Z4, M3 and M5, Cadillac CTS-V models, Camaro, C5-C7 Corvette, the various SRT-8 models, Mustang, Infiniti G (G25, G35, G37), FX (FX35, FX45, FX50 and M models (M35 and M45), Jeep, and the 350Z/370Z, with additional models to appear. We will be offering free shipping through March 31, 2014, as well as free brake fluid as well (from several choices, depending on your individual needs).

For all retail and wholesale inquiries, contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com


Dark Horse

11 Sep

Super clean R33 GTR featuring an Endless big brake kit (Mono 6 brake kit front and rear, tucked neatly behind NISMO 18 inch wheels). A stunning result (both in looks, and certainly performance). Need an Endless kit for your car? Drop us a line at z1sales@z1auto.com and see what the premier brake supplier has to offer. If you’re truly looking for the absolute best kits out there, no one offers the range of performance oriented options that Endless does. Simply the best.

Brembo Application Guide 2013

29 Nov

Brembo 2013 Application Guide with MSRP

Brembo Brakes has just released their 2013 application guide. In the enclosed pdf you’ll find every big brake kit they offer. The Brembo High Performance Program now offers 1000+ GT/GT-R brake upgrades for the most popular sports cars, sedans, trucks and SUV’s.

GT brake kits are based around a high performance, radial-mounted fixed aluminum caliper, combined with large high 2 piece performance rotors, and performance brake lines. These kits are substantially larger than factory brakes, and offer greater heat dispersion, lower unsprung weight, and improved brake torque. The calipers come in red black or silver with the “Brembo” logo prominently displayed.

GT-R brake kits are based around a special monoblock, billet aluminum caliper. These are an even stiffer, stronger design compared to the GT kits, special stainless radiators for the pistons allowing greater heat dissipation and large 2 piece floating rotors sized up to 405mm in diameter and 34mm thick. They also include more track oriented pads vs the standard GT kit as well.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com before December 21, 2012 to get the best possible pricing, before the January 2013 price increases take effect!

Are Your Brakes Worthy?

20 Jun

Today’s import market seems dominated by off brand parts, made god knows where, with names that sound racy, or even have Race or Racing in them. But does that make them worthy of the name?

Endless is well known amongst competitors the world over for no compromise, high end performance brake systems and components. The same exact kit shown on this Hassemi Z can be purchased for your car.

This particular car is the 2010 GT300 Winner Hasemi/Tomica Z used our MONO 6/MONO 4R Calipers, E-Slit brake disks, and pads



Endless Racing New Takumi Caliper

8 Jun

From the Endless USA Website:

New for 2010:  For Select 6 piston, and Mini 6 pot applications, the new “Takumi” 6 piston caliper is available. The Takumi caliper uses a tongue and groove joint instead of 3 bolts on either side of the caliper to secure the 2 forged pieces. This joint makes the caliper more rigid, and offers a cleaner look.

Norway Bound

30 Jan

We’ve got a good customer and friend in Norway who we’ve been sending goodies to for few years now. Stewart’s a Subaru nut, and given the history of rally events throughout his region, coupled with the climate, who can blame him!

His latest acquisition was this awesome bugeye. It came extensively modded from the previous owner, with a closed deck, built 2.5 liter engine, STi 6 speed transmission, APS DR725 FMIC, Custom exhaust, AST Competition coilovers, STI interior, Defi gauges and much more. We helped Stewart out a few months ago with a bunch of Whiteline goodies (adjustable sways and endlinks) + some Samco hoses.

This time around, we sent over “Operation Fun Pack” as Stewart termed it in an email to us 🙂

Stoptech 355x32mm front 4 piston caliper, 320mmx28mm 2 piston caliper – both with zinc coated rotors, plus some miscellaneous OEM parts he needed as well. Heavy hitting equipment that will nicely compliment an already well sorted car!

If Kim Kardashian’s Hiney Were a Set of Brakes It Would be These.

6 Oct


Big, Sexy, Expensive, Eye Catching, lusted after by men all over the world yes they both share a lot of the same qualities…

At least with the brakes they are new and not used…… OH SNAP! OH YES I DID JUST SAY THAT! I’ll be here all week folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress. Try the veal here it’s GREAT!

Ok, I’m done with my corny ass jokes. We’ve got an Endless front and rear BBK for a Nissan 370Z in stock and currently unclaimed. All you 370Z guys, time for one of you to step up to the plate.

This kit consists of a 6-pot front Big Brake kit with 370x32mm rotors, a Racing 4 rear kit with 355×30 rotors, ME20 brake pads, Endless Lines and all the necessary hardware for installation.

Contact us for pricing! Ready to Ship!

CBRD Products Now Available!!

1 Feb


I’ve know Chad Block, the “CB” in CBRD, for a few years now.  Chad’s had the fortune of competing in motorsports on a world stage.  He’s run for the legendary Dyson crew, won at the 12 Hours of Sebring, driven in the 24 Hours of Daytona – the list goes on an on.   The man knows quality parts and construction when he sees it, and that’s something we have in common.

A few years ago, Chad decided to take his passion for motorsports, and performance cars, and turn it into a business.  C.B.R.D Speedfactory was founded to offer top quality service, installation and tuning, for popular performance cars. 

Late last year, Chad contacted us about some new products he was working on, and we were very excited to learn of the developments.  We’re now proud to offer these awesome products for your car!  These are not just “me too” products.  The offerings are specifically designed, engineered, and built here in the US, and the pricing is very affordable.  These are designed for guys who want the right stuff, the first time, and who don’t want to be stuck on a Saturday evening wondering why the part they received doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look as good in real life as it did in pictures.   

Two of the most compelling products are the new BBK Bolt On Turbo for the Evo, and the CBRD Aluminum Radiators for the Evo and WRX/STi.

The BBK Turbo is Chad’s answer to the ever popular bolt on upgrade for the Lancer Evolution.  This turbo starts out as a new Evo IX unit, and then the compressor and exhaust sides are thoroughly reworked.  The net result is a turbo that has it all.  Great spool, fat midrange, and doesn’t taper off up top.  If you’re looking for a great, stealth, bolt on turbo for your Evo, this is it!  We can also offer this as a rebuild option for those with existing Evo IX turbo’s – contact us for details!

Here’s a nice video showing the production of the BBK Turbo

CBRD also does some awesome, hand made aluminum radiators for the Evo’s as well as the 2002-2007 WRX/STi.   These are the same cores used throughout various forms of motorsports, including IRL and ALMS, are all TIG welded, and offer direct fitment, reduced weight, and improved cooling efficiency (up to 35%!) vs their stock counterparts.  Check out their unit for the Evo….you can just see the quality with your own eyes.

We’ve already added a bunch of these parts to the site, and more are on the way.  Chad’s recently begun work developing parts for the R35 GTR, and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated right here!

In the meantime, if we can help you with any of these awesome parts, just drop us a line.  By the way, CBRD also sells ultra clean performance cars, so if you or someone you know is in the market for a safe, reliable source for your dream car, check their site out and give ’em a shout at www.cbrdspeedfactory.com.

Z1 Performance
AIM: z1auto, kwame@z1

Endless Z34 @ TAS 2009

12 Jan

Signature Endless Blue Paint, Ings Z34 front spoiler, Bride seats and humongous brakes front and rear.

Come on Kent and Dom get your people to release that rotor pattern (for your non-monoblock BBKs 😉 )to the public already. There are idiots like me wanting to buy it for no good reason.

***Spoke to Dom today and these rotors (dubbed “e-slit”) have been available for their monoblock BBKs since January of 2008 (Yeah, seriously where the F have I been). They have recently begun producing these for OE sized applications as well.

The benefit of this rotor design is to increase modulation and reduce brake judder. I also found out the rear kit on this car is the brand new 4 piston monoblock setup that is new for ’09. The front kit is the 6 piston monoblock that has been out for some time now.***

Old School to New School

16 Oct

Here is a sneak peak of Adam’s 280z build that he/we has/have been working on for some time now. We just recently got around to finally installing his custom AP Racing Big Brake Kit. It’s a one-off set that consists of 330mm rotors and six-piston calipers. The entire kit was pieced together by Adam himself (I doubt AP is getting many requests in for six-piston BBKs for 1979 280Zs 🙂 )

The entire car is almost near completion so stay tuned for more updates. For now, pay no mind to the dust 🙂

Edit: Here is another older picture of this car, just so you can a better idea of what it looks like. I took this picture like three years ago so please excuse the lack of photography skills.