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10 Feb


Further proof that everything tastes better with a dash of LM


If You’re Gonna Do Wheels on an Enzo…….

13 Oct

I’ll see what info I can dig up on the origins of the car itself, but I figured this was a great representation on what amazing wheels + an amazing car can result in. Ecstacy. With the pics of the Adv1 equipped Enzo making the various blog rounds, figured I’d toss up something a bit more my style. For all I know, it could be ps’d – but so what, it’s inspiring never-the-less. Not just an Enzo, but one specially ordered (looks to be Grigio Titanio Metallico or something very close to it). And not just any set of wheels, but the venerable BBS LM. I’ve yet to see a car these don’t compliment.

The perfect car in the perfect color on the most perfect set of wheels with a perfect stance…

8 Jun

I ran across these pictures on m3post.com courtesy of “m3V8.” What a beautiful car, I’m in love…

White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.

BBS LMs are like…

6 Mar

… Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce; no matter what you put them on it just makes it THAT MUCH BETTER!

Yeah thats right! I’m black and I made a reference to BBQ sauce, so what? 🙂

Turn My Swag On…

31 Jan


And in the Beginning….

31 Jan

We don’t normally think of Hyundai as being a “hot” manufacturer, but I must say – they nailed it with the Genesis coupe.  It obviously took many years of selling POS Excel’s and Scoupe’s to be able to manufacture something this attractive!  It’s a better proportioned version of the G35/37 in my opinion.  A good customer of ours just forwarded us some pics of some modded Genesis coupes.  If pricing is on point, this should be a good selling car for them.

Yup, I’m posting another set, lol……

16 Nov

Two things you’re sure to get a lot of pics of on this blog are Zs and BBS LMs, lol. Pretty ironic that neither my Z nor do neither one of Adam’s sport BBS LMs.

Yet I digress, another Lex showing whats up…


One word: Dope

15 Nov



5 Nov


V.I.P. SC430……. on LMs :)

28 Oct

Eh, I just wanted to showcase another car with BBS’ wheels 🙂

SC430 on BBS LMs

SC430 on BBS LMs