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The Complete Wheel Bearing Kit for your Subaru

14 Jun

Can’t seem to get rid of that wobble? Steering wheel shaking despite the wheels being balanced properly? Feel a shimmy in the rear of the car and can’t track it down? Subaru wheel bearings are notorious for going bad, particularly when you start to run the wide, low offset wheels and/or do lot’s of track/rally cross use. These direct replacement bearings carry a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty (exclusive of shipping) and are sold as front or rear pairs.

Our installation kits will give you or your mechanic all the ancillary parts you’ll need. Front Install Kit includes inner and outer seals, new circlip, new axle nut and washer, and grease for both bearings. Rear Install Kit includes all 3 seals, new axle nut, circlip, and Lubro Moly grease for the bearings

We offer these kits for all 1991+ Subaru Legacy and Impreza models, including WRX/STi. Even Forester’s! Drop us a line at z1sales@z1auto.com and we can put a kit together for you!

New Spherical Control Arm Bushings for 350Z

1 Jul

New from SPL comes these spherical front lower control arm bushings for the 350Z. The inner bushings in particular have proven problematic for the Z33 chassis. On my own car, we found they were torn, which caused some very slight clunking up front and vague steering response. It had been that way for so long, I almost began to think that was just how it was. With the car up in the air when we did the last cornerbalance/alignment, we found they were totally shot! We’ve had many customers report similar issues as well, with mileage ranging from only 7500, to upwards of 90k +, so it’s going to be just one of those things on this car.

SPL’s new solution is a solid spherical bushing to replace the factory soft rubber units. These are made up of QA1 slot-loaded bearings that feature a unique slot-loaded injection molded kevlar liner that cannot “pound out” when dirt gets on the bearing ball, providing a self cleaning and self lubricating bearing that is suitable for street use. Large 3/4″ size bearing offers huge load capacity and long life. Highly precise (machined to 1/1000th inch) CNC machined 6061 aluminum bearing shell and sleeves provide excellent fit and finish.

Priced at $149 per set of inners or outers, or $298 for all of them. Order off the website (just click the picture above) and get free shipping in the 48 states. If you need a combo deal with any of SPL’s other items (or any items in general), just let us know!