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Old School

9 Sep

Old school Alpina treatment (though it had an M3 swap + a single turbo), and even rarer Hartge flavor



Things that make ya go hmmmmm

9 Sep

The E92 is a great car. Zero debate. TE37’s are a fantastic wheel choice. No question. But Rotora’s? JBT’s (cousin of Rotora)? Surely better stuff exists, no?



This guy should buy this car

9 Sep

Just sayin


Clutchmasters Combos Now Featured

21 Jun

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable performance clutch for your car, check out Competition Clutch. We’ve got specials going on right now for all sorts of cars. Order a clutch and flywheel combo, and get free shipping! Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for your setup

Days Gone By

29 Apr


Courtesy of @GermanCarScene

Spotted (German)

11 Apr

Meanwhile I spotted this…needs some serious dose of coilovers though


Baby on Board…..No Seriously

20 Mar

Jon spotted this yesterday – peep the tires marked for left/right and the baby seat. At least some out there use a dual purpose car for 2 cool purposes



Stop It!

13 Nov

AP Racing has been around for decades now, producing top quality brake components for every conceivable form of motorsport.

Since we’re an AP dealer, what better way to show their wares, by featuring them on a customer car. Shown installed on our customers 2004 STi

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for all your AP Racing needs. From replacement disks, calipers, pads, to full big brake kits for your car or SUV, no matter what the application, we’re here to help

In Lust

21 Aug

A rare breed for sure. 1 of 120, up for sale

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

3 Aug


Eats Asphalt

12 Jul

So you’ve got yourself a new M3 One of the most appealing sports coupes on the market today. It looks good, it sounds good, and owner stigma aside, it’s a pretty sweet daily driver or weekend toy. But it’s just not special enough. You go to a meet and you’re another M in the crowd. You need to zig where others zag. You need Manhart.

On the outside it’s demure. A clean execution of nice wheels and a lowered stance. But a monster lurks inside. A twin turbo V8 that puts down 550hp. Not enough? Try their latest package pumping out 700 hp. Top speed 208 mph. Fully sorted from nose to tail. Amazing car, made even more amazing.





Not for Public Consumption

10 Jul

They made a few for press ops, and some European car shows, but never made it to production


Dorifto + BMW = Smiles

10 Jul

ALMS @ Limerock

9 Jul

Weather was absolutely perfect. The way these guys run an event should be emulated throughout motorsports. One price for all, gets you all the races for the day, all access to the pits, etc.










4 Mar

A customer recently drove down from CT to pick up some Bilstein coilovers for his GC8 Impreza, and took his daily driver with him. This is the first of the truly cool M5’s IMHO. Timeless body design. This one is even more unique in that it’s a real Euro spec model, with the larger 3.8 liter engine, and other special features.