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Here’s the Scoop

26 Sep

Chargespeed carbon hood duct for the GC chassis Impreza as shown on a customer car. A great, stylish option for guys running a front mount (or non turbo guys just looking to change up the look)

Strosek Aero Parts

8 Mar

We are pleased to be a direct dealer of Strosek components. They rose to prominence decades ago with their striking components primarily for Porsche’s, but have expended their base over the years. The pieces shown here are their collection of aero parts for the 2003-2008 350Z coupe and convertible. All the genuine article, NOT replicas! Contact us for details at z1sales@z1auto.com. Worldwide shipping is available.


Varis Waves it’s Wand Over the BRZ/FRS

10 Sep

The results are stunning!

Chargespeed Bottom Line Aero Parts for BR-Z and FR-S

13 Jul

Chargespeed is one of Japan’s leading aerodynamic parts designers, and has released their new Bottom Line kit for the Scion/Toyota FR-S and Subaru BR-Z. These kits are carbon, and are sold as a package or individual components. Pieces include front lip, side skirt extensions, rear bumper caps and roof vortex generator.

We are an authorized Chargespeed dealer and are working deals for August delivery on this amazing kit. Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for details and pricing!

JP Aero Body Kit for Evo X

22 Apr

Brand new from JP Aero Japan!

Click here for details!


9 Jan

As if all the BS on my350z isn’t enough to nearly turn people off to the Z as a whole, here comes what is perhaps the most horrendous kit I’ve ever seen for the car!¬† Ewwwwww………

Ugliest Body Kit for Z33 Part 1

Ugliest Body Kit for Z33 Part 1

¬†Convertible owners, don’t you fret – got ya covered too!

Ugliest Body Kit for Z33 Part 2

Ugliest Body Kit for Z33 Part 2

When keeping it JDM goes wrong……