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Apex’i VFD Display Meter Set

19 Sep

New from Apex’i Japan, this neat DIN sized VFD meter display shows Oil Temperature, Water Temperature and Oil Pressure. All sensors and required wires are including for installation, and an optional extension harness is offered for custom mounting. These have all the great features you would expect such as peak hold and user-programmable warning settings. The unique Gradation function means the gauge displays change color as temperature thresholds are met. For temperature display, the color changes from blue (Cool) → green → yellow → Red (Hot). For pressure display, the color changes from green (Low)→ yellow → Red (High)

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours!

Defi Advance Replacement Sensors

3 Sep

Whether you’re replacing a sensor that’s not reading accurately, or you picked up a set of Defi gauges used that didn’t include the sensors, we’ve got you covered with these full sensor sets. These are specific to the newest generation Advance Series Gauges, and can only work with the Advance Series control unit.

All sensors sets come complete with sensors, mounting bungs (where applicable), and all new wiring harnesses. Literally everything you’ll need to have your gauges functioning properly again


New Vibrant Manual Boost Controller

26 Apr

The Manual Boost Controller has proven to be one of the easiest and most cost effective way to squeeze more horsepower and torque from your turbocharged vehicle.

The Vibrant Performance design team has developed a lightweight, very compact boost controller that features a unique integrated dial that allows you to precisely set boost and which eliminates the risk of “overboosting” that can occur with other manual boost controllers.

An adjustment key is also included which you can carry around on your keychain for adjusting boost whenever you wish.


– CNC Machined Boost Controller
– 18 inches of silicone vaccuum hose
– Black Anodized Adjustment Key
– Installation Instructions