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Get Outside: Race Schedule (Part 1)

9 Jan


Lime Rock Park has announced their 2014 Spectating Event Schedule. In addition to events listed below, Lime Rock will host a summer SCCA Regional race weekend and, of course, the traditional early fall NARRC Run-offs, dates TBA.

IMSA Continental Tire Challenge, Porsche GT3 Cup, Sunday Royals Car Show
Memorial Day Weekend: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 23 – 25

The “Conti Tire” Challenge – some of the best stock car road racing in the world – is two big classes, Grand Sport (GS) and Street Tuner (ST). Each has their own stand-alone race. In GS, you’ll see the big, loud and fast Camaros, Porsches, Mustangs, Aston Martins, BMWs and 370Zs banging fenders. The ST race has the quick and agile Hondas, VWs, BMW 128/328, Mazda 3/MX-5 and Porsche Boxsters. The U.S. version of the extremely popular Euro Porsche GT3 Cup series makes just its second-ever visit to Lime Rock, while the uniquely exciting VSCCA race adds a little history to the weekend. Capping the weekend is the Sunday Royals Car Show, which draws 200-400 prime vehicles of every kind – from rare sports cars and contemporary supercars to hundreds of muscle cars from the 60s and 70s – and benefits local charities.

Historic Festival 32 & Sunday in the Park Concours
Labor Day Weekend: Thursday through Monday, August 28 – September 1

HF32 begins Thursday, August 28, with the Vintage Race Car Parade and Falls Village Street Fair, now in its fourth year: More than 120 cars bellow their way through a 17-mile rally route lined with spectators, ending in the fun, food and music – and impromptu car show – of the Street Fair in Falls Village. Come Friday, 300 historic race cars practice and qualify, then Saturday sees 20 fantastic races. August 31 is the famous Sunday in the Park concours d’elegance – 200-plus exceptional, invited entrants displayed on Sam Posey Straight – in concert with 600 collector cars deployed along the rest of Lime Rock’s 1.5 mile circuit that makes up the Gathering of the Marques element. On Labor Day Monday (Sept. 1), it’s back to racing, with 20 more races. Special guests, demo laps and noted collectors and their cars are also part of this historic racing extravaganza!

The Season Finale: The Trans-Am Series
Friday and Saturday, September 19 – 20

America’s fastest, most powerful production-bodied sports cars are in the Trans-Am Series. Harkening back to its origins, Trans-Am is the playground for the “pony cars” – Chevy Camaros and Ford Mustangs with stock-block engines making more than 800 h.p., wrapped in tubeframe race chassis wearing iconic bodywork. A Trans-Am race is 100 frantic miles of wheel to wheel, nose to tail, hardcore American-style racing. Support races TBA


3 Car Shows Not to Miss in 2013

4 Mar

Triple the fun, triple the excitement, and triple the amount of petroleum-fuelled awesomeness. The power of three is enticing, and if you’re a car enthusiast (or have any remote interest in cars), these three auto shows are not to be missed in this coming year.

Tokyo Motor Show
22 November – 1 December, Tokyo Big Sight

It’s a biennial event. It’s packed with some of the biggest names in the car industry. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s certainly everything you’re looking for in a car show. Yes, it’s the Tokyo Motor Show. Held every two years in Tokyo’s incredible exhibition centre, the Tokyo Big Sight, this is a car show that is full of energy and passion for our favourite industry: cars. Pulling in the big names in the Japanese car game, TMS attracts some of the world’s most well-known manufacturers: Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, and Mitsubishi – just to name a few. With plenty of concept cars to get your head whirling and plenty of speakers to dazzle you on developments in the car industry, you’ll be oh-so-very disappointed at the end that this event only happens bi-annually.

Frankfurt Motor Show
10-22 September, Frankfurt

If you’re planning to see the big Japanese names in the auto industry, then you may as well cover both sides of the coin and take a trip to Frankfurt for the Frankfurt Motor Show. Another biennial event, this motor show is one of the largest in the world. The Frankfurt Motor Show plays host to a range of passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and other accessories manufacturers as well.

While you’re planning your trip to Frankfurt, make sure to also schedule in some time to visit some of Germany’s favourite car museums. Visit the Porsche museum for a glimpse at the world-famous luxury car manufacturer’s past, or hop to BMW World and explore the Neuschwanstein Castle and the BMW-Welt Building.

Late 2013 (date TBA), Melbourne
With Asia and Europe already covered, why not take a leap down to the Pacific and visit Australia’s annual classic and vintage car show, Motorclassica? Held in Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building, Motorclassica spans three days and showcases a range of exquisite, rare, and beautiful vehicles that have been collected, cared for, and restored over the years. From a vintage Bentley to a Ford V8 from the 1930s, Motorclassica is one of the best car shows to visit for your fix of everything classic.

Author bio: Michelle Bailey is an Australian freelance writer who doesn’t have the funds to go to all three of these car events. She’s currently planning a trip to Europe, and might just be able to squeeze the Frankfurt Motor Show into her itinerary…

“People Still Do That?”

6 Oct
75 Degrees and snowing?  C'mon now

75 Degrees and snowing? C'mon now

So Jon and I went to the Streetwheelz show this weekend at the Beach. By the way they spell the show name, you know it’s going to pale in comparison to JCCS, Sevenstock, or any of the cool west coast shows that have been going on lately.

Someone help this dude out…..plllleeeeaaaasssse! You’ve got a respectable car (‘Speed 6 I think), and I’m sure you love your car, but c’mon….this ain’t ’95 anymore. And even in ’95, this was as lame as lame gets. Jon and I turned to each other in unison, and said “people still DO that”? Then when Kwame and I were talking about the show, I mentioned the fake snow in October, and he said the same thing! Makes a good blog title I think

I’ll post up some more of the respectable cars later on (there were a few, even though the show was really small)