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Black Illusion

12 Jun

Since I’d bet Cheston doesn’t even remember how to login here anymore to post, I’ll do it for him 🙂

Black Illusion Aero +CE28’s+ Evo X MR = yum!

Cleared to Perfection

13 Feb

We recently got in a set of the limited edition CE28N Genesis wheels for a good friend and Z owner. These were released in 2009, as a slightly less expensive version of the CE28. Reports from previous customers were that the paint didn’t seem quite as durable as they are on other colors – perhaps a different process is what makes them cost about $100 less per wheel than a non-limited CE? Anyway, to make sure they stay good looking for years to come, we cleared them here using DuPonts Chroma-Premier clear. This stuff gives tons of depth and a very durable surface. I apologize they are a bit blurry, I’ll get some nicer ones up shortly