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Here’s the Scoop

26 Sep

Chargespeed carbon hood duct for the GC chassis Impreza as shown on a customer car. A great, stylish option for guys running a front mount (or non turbo guys just looking to change up the look)

A Splash of Color Makes All the Difference

31 Jan

This awesome specimen belongs to a good customer of ours down in Florida. Way too many mods to list, but the pics speak for themselves.

Chargespeed for 350Z @ Insane Pricing!!!

10 Jun

These deals are just too good to pass up! Only the items listed here apply!!! All pricing is posted, and includes shipping in the 48 states. For shipping to any location outside the 48 states, please email us at [email]z1sales@z1auto.com[/email] with your full, complete address and we can get you the cost. Thanks – first come first served so don’t miss out!!!

Chargespeed FRP Aero Mirror Set 2003-2008 350Z
These use your factory mirror mounting base (aka the triangle) for fitment. Although they are spec’d as a RHD mirror, there is enough adjustment for them to be used on our LHD cars thankfully! More form over function for sure, but they are pretty sweet looking

MSRP = $420 + shipping; on sale now for $309 SHIPPED!!!

Chargespeed Canards for 2003-2008 350Z:
sold as either an upper pair in your choice of FRP or Carbon, or Lower pair in your choice of FRP or carbon

FRP Upper OR Lower Canard Set (Pair) – MSRP = $240 + shipping, on sale now for $183 SHIPPED! Carbon Upper OR Lower Canard Set (Pair) – MSRP = $340 + shipping, on sale now for $253 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed Headlight Eyebrow Set in carbon or FRP – fits 2003-2008 models

FRP: MSRP = $140 + shipping, on sale for $113 SHIPPED!; Carbon: MSRP = $240 + shipping, on sale for $183 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed Carbon Airdam Finisher for 2003-2005 OR 2006-2008 350Z (standard bumper – fits right under the grille as shown, must specify year when ordering as they differ!)

MSRP = $395 + shipping, on sale now for $305 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed FULL GT Widebody Kit!!!

MSRP = $6280, on sale now for $4596 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed GT Rear Wing with Carbon Center:

MSRP = $1580 + shipping, on sale now for $1240 shipped!

Chargespeed Side Underwings – available in FRP or Carbon!

Front Side (under front fender) – FRP: MSRP = $160/pair + shipping, on sale for $132 SHIPPED! Carbon: MSRP = $289/pair + shipping, on sale for $222 SHIPPED!

Rear Side (under rear quarter panel) – FRP: MSRP = $189/pair + shipping, on sale for $152 SHIPPED! Carbon: MSRP = $250 SHIPPED!

Front AND Rear Set – FRP – $275 SHIPPED; Carbon – $457 SHIPPED

We’ve also got clearance stuff for: S2000, Supra, G35, Evo VIII/IX, Lexus, RX7, Civic, RSX, RX8, 240SX, WRX/STi, Legacy. So if you or someone you know is after anything Chargespeed, let us know! Could be an awesome chance to save some serious coin!!


Another UK Zed

12 Nov

One of our customers in the UK posted up some pics of his Z the other day, after having an Uprev Osirus Reflash done. A nice blend of parts, so I figured I’d post it up. The UK guys are as much into their mods as we are over here!

Chargespeed front/rear bumpers, and the awesome INGS Spoiler. I may have to cop one of these for myself. Kwame already has one on lockdown for his car. It’s been my favorite since day 1 too. I just wonder if my current Balsarini spoiler will come off !

He’s also got a very nice HKS Camp installed that we sent him over the summer. Looks so clean when done on a separate screen.

Great looking car Mark, keep it up!

Carefully Planned

20 Sep

So while browsing around Barnes and Noble today, I came across the latest issue of Japanese Performance. At least it’s the latest one on our shelves…we always get the foreign magazines late here. On the cover was a nice, clean red 350Z with Chargespeed body kit and Varis hood. I picked up a copy and headed for the checkout. I get into my car, and thub through it quick and come across the article. In the very first sentence I see “Craig Mudd” and think…hey, I know that guy!

Craig and I share something in common when it comes to modding tastes. Both of us it seem believe less really is more. A huge mod list doesn’t necessarily impress me. Instead, I like a car that is tastefully done, cleanly built and prepared, and that retains enough utility to still have it be a fun car to drive.

All too often in this ‘scene’, you see guys who mod without purpose. They have no plan of attack, and they often aren’t willing to learn even the basics of modding a particular platform. So they end up just buying random stuff, and at the end of the day, they end up with a car that has no balance. Instead of it being a cohesive unit, it just becomes a mish mosh of stuff. While best intentions are certainly a good start, it really takes careful planning to successfully modify a car. To really pull off a quality show winning build, it takes the right mix of planning and execution.

Craig purchased the car Fall of 2008, and by Spring 2009 it was essentially complete. All summer he’s been taking it to shows, taking home trophy after trophy. I think what I like about this car is it represents a real world build. It represents what alot of customers hope to build. Nothing is over the top, and the parts range from common to rare, yet they all just work with one another in unison. The net result has been lots of trophies and several magazine features.

We happily supplied the Invidia exhaust to Craig, as well as his red Bride seats. What I love best on the interior isn’t the stuff we supplied, but rather the flocking that the nearly all the panels were treated too. Not too often that you see such a process on a road car.

I’ve loved working with our Z customers all over the world and helping them put together their dream cars. You can read all about Craigs build on his own site – just click!

Neck Snaps Inside

6 Aug

One of our customers on the west coast just posted some updated pics of his amazing 350z a couple days ago. We’ve been proud to have him as a customer, and you certainly have to admit the man has taste! What I love is that he clearly had a vision when he was picking out the direction to take his Z. All too often, you see Z’s that have a couple of neat parts, but they just don’t flow. Instead, they look like they were just throw together with whatever the flavor of the minute was. Joe’s car on the other hand, just flows.

Chargespeed aero kit, with the whole car finished in gunmetal, very rare APP Japan brakes with titanium finish, black TE37’s, black Chargespeed mirrors..oh, and the APS Twin Turbo kit under the hood…it gets to be a long and impressive list!

We’ve got some stuff coming to Joe soon which will give the car even more prowess when it’s actually in motion. When it looks this good sitting still though, you can’t help but just admire. I know if I saw this on the L.I. Expressway, I’d want to know more!

Night Falls on Virginia

27 Apr

Ross, a good customer of ours from Virigina, called us a few weeks ago and began gathering some ASM parts for his spring makeover. Just got the final result pictures today, and they turned out great! The ASM hood is easily my favorite right now – clean and aggressive all at the same time. ASM front bumper + canards, combined with NISMO US spec sideskirts and Chargespeed rear bumper round out the bodykit. First time I think I’ve seen the ASM parts in black – looks really clean. New SSR Type F wheels in black finish out the sinister look. The car already had the Stoptech brakes front/rear and rides on Bilstein coilovers. Props go out to his bodyshop D&V Autobody for a job well done!