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Got Brakes?

4 Oct

Ferodo is a UK based company that was founded in 1897, and was the world’s first manufacturer of friction based products. They offer a series of pads for street, track, auto-x use. From the venerable DS2500 clubsport pad, to the more track oriented DS3000, we can supply you with the pads you need, at a great price. Ferodo is one of the few brands to also offer pads for stock and aftermarket calipers. We know that sometimes it can be tough finding a suitable pad worthy of buying for your afternmarket kit. So, whether your Z or G has base model brakes, or factory Brembo calipers, or you’ve got an aftermarket kit from Brembo, AP Racing, Endless, Wilwood or others, we can help! Got a motorcycle? Let us know!


Rare Stuff Part 1

21 Dec

Just searching around the net on a lazy Sunday and came across some amazingly rare cars for sale.  Some might view it as a sign of the times, when stuff this cool is up for sale.  Others look at it as opportunity.  Just another few examples of cool cars we can’t afford!

First is the 911 (993) GT2 Clubsport.  Talk about rare!  1 of 7 cars that Porsche produced only for Porsche’s best customers.  This particular one has been upgraded to full Race spec (600 hp).   Asking price?  $316,000US.