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Wiggle it – Just a little bit…

21 Apr

If you remember when the 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 was released, you may recall the rave reviews from the automotive press.  If I recall correctly, they called it the “Wild Child” in the Mazda lineup.  It boasted huge power for a FWD platform and enthusiasts were quick to buy and modify them for even more thrust.

Unfortunately, Mazda’s 2.3 liter direct-injected, turbocharged torque-monster was a bit TOO powerful.  How so?  The stock rear motor mount is very, very soft relative to how much power the motor makes.  Even on startup and shutdown you can see how much the motor moves around.  Hell, you can pretty much rock the motor back and forth with your hands while it’s bolted in.  Such a soft mount translates to unwanted movement that exacerbates wheel hop and torque steer.

In response, the aftermarket has come up with many, many mounts over the years.  Some companies offer several choices of stiffness to appeal to a broad amount of people.  The stiffer mount works better to limit movement and lessen wheel hop/torque steer, but that translates to a cabin loaded with vibration.  Cobb came into the rear motor mount game pretty late, but hopefully that means they have perfected what others have been doing for a while.  Unlike the other companies, Cobb offers one mount in one configuration and one stiffness…done.  While the competition has chosen urethan bushings ranging from 60-90 durometer, Cobb’s mount is 85.  To offset some of the added vibration, Cobb’s mount has several holes drilled through the bushing.  They claim that this feature offers the performance benefits of the stiffest mounts while keeping the vibrations tolerable.

Recently, I had the opportunity to install Cobb’s new rear motor mount for my 2011 Mazdaspeed 3.  Not surprisingly, the Cobb piece is beautifully machined.  It really is a shame that such a nicely finished part is tucked away out of sight.  It’s a pretty straightforward affair involving 5 bolts in total.  A vertical bolt attaches the mount to the subframe and a horizontal bolt attaches to a bracket on the transmission.  The transmission bracket has 3 bolts that must be loosened to swing the bracket out of the way for removal of the old mount and installation of the new Cobb piece.

Once installed, I was shocked at the amount of initial vibration while the car was just cranking to start – it really shook the entire car!  After reading about motor mount upgrades for a while, many people have mentioned that the start is the worst and that the urethane breaks after a few hundred miles once it’s flexed/loaded on and off.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical…the initial vibrations and idle were annoying but thankfully there was no drone on wide open throttle.

After some 600 miles and a short road trip weekend along lots of different roads, I’m pleased to report that the mount has definitely calmed down.  On a cold start, you can feel a bit of vibration during cranking but it’s nothing like that first start.  As a frame of reference, I used to have an Ingalls engine torque mount on my old 2006 Civic SI and the vibration during start-up is very similar.  In fact, I really don’t notice the mount at all except during start-up and if I blip the throttle at idle while stopped (which is super-douchey anyway).  Nothing in the cabin rattles at idle with or without the AC and there is no squeaking or rattling while shifting or loading the car with power.  On the road, torque steer and wheel hop are very much improved and replaced with a bit more wheel spin as the power is getting right to the ground.

I’m really happy with the mount so far.  I’ll admit, I do have minor concerns about the longevity of the bushing itself.  Over time, I’m wondering if the drilled sections of the urethane may crack with the constant flexing.  I’ll inspect the bushing itself and check that the mount is properly torqued during oil changes.

As a sidenote, this mount fits all 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3’s as well as Ford’s new Focus ST (not surprising considering how many OEM parts on my car are marked “FOMOCO”).


IMG_0758 IMG_0761


Cobb Tuning XPE BPV for turbocharged Subarus

26 Jul


COBB XLE BPV for Subaru
Salt Lake City, Utah

November 21, 2009

COBB Tuning announces the immediate availability of the COBB XLE BPV for turbocharged Subaru vehicles. The COBB XLE BPV is a compact and lightweight by-pass valve is capable of holding very high boost pressure without leaking and its unique design allows extremely fast venting of boost when actuated. It is designed to operate in multiple venting modes and can be quickly reconfigured using simple hand tools. Innovative engineering and precision manufacturing result in a compact package able to fit in the confines of a tight engine bay.

The XLE BPV supports three operating modes: full recirculation back into the intake tract, hybrid mode venting to the intake track and atmosphere and full atmospheric with all air vented to atmosphere. The spring preload adjuster
allows fine tuning of the pressure required to open the valve. Operating mode and spring preload are both adjustable using simple hand tools.


• Body, mounting flange and secondary outlet cover are constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum.
• The body is hard anodized for additional strength.
• The primary outlet is rectangular in shape to provide maximum cross sectional area for venting pressurized air as quickly as possible.
• The secondary outlet cover can be removed to enable partial vent to atmosphere or full vent to atmosphere modes.
• Unit height is only 3.5 inches from base of flange to top preload adjuster,allowing it to fit into the tightest of locations.
• Body to mounting flange interface is o-ring sealed, allowing flanges of different shapes to work on multiple applications.

• Lightweight aluminum piston allows faster reaction time than heavier pistons.
• The piston has been hard anodized and impregnated with Teflon for smooth movement, reduced wear and minimized maintenance.
• Rounded piston profile smooths air flow as it passes through they cylinder.
• The rounded piston profile mates with a rounded piston seat for superior sealing when the BPV is closed.
• Tight tolerance o-rings seal the piston to the cylinder bore at normal engine operating temperatures without sacrificing piston speed.

Preload Adjuster and Spring
• Adjuster allows adjustment of spring preload for fine tuning release pressure.
• Spring and spring seat are constructed of 303 stainless steel.
• Spring preload adjustment mechanism and fasteners are stainless steel.

• Valve vents pressurized air very quickly due to lightweight components, port shape and low sliding friction.
• Unique exhaust sound due to speed of air release.
• Construction materials make the XLE BPV compatible with alcohol/water injection due to inherent corrosion resistance.
• Lighter than most aftermarket BPVs and BOVs.

Cobb Silicone Intercooler Hoses R35 GTR

17 Dec

Brand new from Cobb

Available in Blue or Black

Click here to order yours!!

The year for the SI

13 Jul


Honda really pushed to market the 2006 Civic SI upon release and The automotive press raved (especially in comparison to it’s ho-hum predecessor).  After 3 years, the platform has a solid following but it’s been held back by a lack of engine management.

Thanks to Hondata and Cobb for the newly released products (the FlashPro and Accessport respectively) Civic SI owners can finally get serious with the K20Z3 motor.  2009 should prove to be the year for the new SI!

We recently tuned our own SI with Hondata’s FlashPro with impressive results (especially considering how un-modded the car is).  Engine mods for our SI are limited to a K&N short ram and a set of Unorthodox Racing pulleys.

Post tune, drivability is much improved thanks to the new-found mid-range power. Plus, throttle lag and rev-hang are a thing of the past!

A total of 15 pulls were made during tuning. Peak power is up by about 7hp and 5lb ft. Peak gains are in the mid-range, a solid 15hp and 15lb ft.

Customer Car: Crazy4Cars

22 Jan

Here is a set of photos taken by one of our customers down in Central America of his personal R35. We recently sent him an Accessport for this vehicle.

COBB Tuning R35 GTR Coilover Sleeve Kit

2 Oct

Looks like those manufacturers who have purchased an R35 since their inception are looking to make their money back as soon as possible by way of getting products out to the public as soon as possible. Thats great news as its a win-win for everyone. The companies get to sell more products and those of us with our addictions get to feed the need.

I just received the product release for the COBB Tuning R35 GTR Coilover Sleeves. This retains the factory adjustable shock absorbers which helps to keep their cost down. In the R35 GTR world these are deemed “affordable.” There definitely is no ballin-on-a-budget when it comes to modifying the R35.

Click on the picture below for more details.

COBB Tuning R35 GTR Coilover Sleeve Kit

COBB Tuning R35 GTR Coilover Sleeve Kit

COBB Tuning R35 GTR Coilover Sleeve Kit – Press Release

COBB Tuning R35 GTR Accessport Now Available!

21 Aug
Cobb Accessport Control Unit

Cobb Accessport Control Unit


COBB Tuning has been hard at work getting ready for the US debut of the R35 GTR and now that the time has finally come they are ready to release an onslaught of new products for this new beast from overseas.

COBB’s Accessport already has a great reputation from its success on other platforms and it surely has shown that nothing will change now that it is being tailored for use with the new R35.

Here are some whp results from both their Stage 1 and Stage 2 calibration maps.

Stage 1 is for a stock vehicle or a vehicle with just a cat-back exhaust. Stage 2 is for a vehicle with high flow cats or cat deletes and cat-back exhaust. Both stages require the use of the stock intake.


Stage 1 – 91 Oct – +55HP and +60TQ

Stage 1 – 93 Oct – +63HP and +70TQ

Stage 1 – 97 Ron – +63HP and +70TQ


Stage 2 – 91 Oct – +65HP and +80TQ

Stage 2 – 93 Oct – +70HP and +90TQ

Stage 2 – 97 Ron – +70HP and +90TQ

We are currently taking orders!

Cobb Tuning EVO X Downpipe & Test Pipe

20 Aug

Man this new EVO X is getting the attention it deserves from product manufacturers…

Let us know if you are interested in this or any other Cobb or EVO X part.