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Blue Means Go

28 Oct

Time attack spec C6 looking ready for battle. Will try and find more specs about it as it looks like a very nicely prepped car.



Dennis Hopper and a Movie about Street Racing

7 Feb

Dennis Hopper was an iconic American actor who starred in such classics such as Apocalypse Now, Easy Rider, True Romance and many others. He also did a little known movie about a very well known street racing road called Mulholland Drive. This winding road runs above Los Angeles and has some of the most challenging turns and breathtaking views you’ve ever seen.

From the 50’s on, this road became very well known among enthusiasts as a terrific proving ground for the latest go-fast mods. Kids and adults alike would wrench on their cars during the day as meet late at night when traffic died down to run one another. This movie, starring Hopper and Harry Hamlin, is a snapshot of the SoCal street racing scene in the late 70’s. It’s a pretty typically budget movie of the era, but there are some worthwhile chase scenes nevertheless. A “Fast and Furious” 20 years early if you will.

Pizza Dishes

28 Jan


Got a picture recently from a client with an ’07 Corvette Z06 and installed the new DBA 5000 T3 series rotors and Hawk HP + pads. BIG rotors on this thing (355mm are stock size), and you save a significant amount of weight over the 1 piece OE rotors

ALMS @ Limerock

9 Jul

Weather was absolutely perfect. The way these guys run an event should be emulated throughout motorsports. One price for all, gets you all the races for the day, all access to the pits, etc.









Powergrid Endlinks for your Porsche, BMW, Corvette, and More!

12 Jan

We’ve been offering the Powergrid endlinks for the 350Z and G35 for years. Google it, you’ll find out what everyone else already knows. That if you want the best endlink on the market, you found ’em. Well, we’re now carrying them for your Porsche as well.

This is why they are important, what they do, and why you want ’em:

The endlinks connect your swaybar to your the rest of your suspension. As the swaybar moves during a turn (or technically, resists moving), the endlinks job is to keep the bar parallel to the ground. Whether you have stock swaybars or aftermarket, the harder you push your car, the more prone your stock links are towards snapping, or breaking. Many modern day cars use links that are made of cheap stamped steel, and many are even plastic! They are designed to be used with softer stock spring rates, and less grippy tires than true enthusiasts tend to use. As you increase the grip of the car, the endlink is placed under greater strain to control that swaybar. The same holds true when you’re fitting larger diameter, and adjustable swaybars. These stiffer bars place greater load on the endlink and those stock endlinks were never designed with that force in mind. The second thing to consider is when fitting lowering springs or aftermarket coilovers. As you adjust the height of your car, you can often cause your swaybar to change position. That means during the compression stroke of the suspension, the stock swaybar can be limited in its movement (aka binding), which vastly reduces the ability of the bar to do it’s job. For those with coilovers, this becomes even more important if you’re looking to cornerweight your car. Having an adjustable endlink such as this allows you to adjust swaybar preload, and that translates into more effective cornerbalancing results and more effective swaybar tuning.

Applications – tons! If you’ve got a performance car, we probably have an application for you.


BMW: E30 (M3), E24, E28, E34, E39, E46 M3, E90, E60
Acura TSX
Audi TT
Cadillac CTS
Cadillac XLR
Dodge Charger
Infiniti G35
Mini Cooper
Mazda 3, 6, Miata
Mazdaspeed 3 and 6
Mazda RX8
Nissan 350Z
Porsche 911, Boxster and Cayman
Scion TC
Toyota Supra
Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla
VW Eos
VW Jetta

And we’re always looking to add more! These endlinks aren’t cheap to buy because they aren’t cheap to make. They use genuine THK components (THK is an OEM automotive supplier to tons of manufacturers). They don’t use hardware store heim joints like so many others out there. Those start out great and in short order tend to get very noisy as they are exposed to the elements, and accumulate dirt, sand, moisture, salt, etc. These endinks are different. They offer the articulation (ability for the endlink head to rotate, thus keeping the swaybar in the correct position), but are fully sealed. Never will require any maintenance – no grease, no cleaning, nothing!

Op Ed: Please “Mechanic”, Fix your Perspective

15 Oct

This is a rebuttal to the blog post I read here

I’m not a “Vette guy”. But in my humble opinion, the author is off his rocker. I once thought of the Corvette as the stuff dreams were made of – for guys going through their mid life crisis with their hamburger meat poking out from their bad hawaiian shirt, or meatheads who once had an IROC. Those days are gone in my eyes now. The modern Vette represents something that an actual enthusiast WOULD get.

The Everyman car? Give me a break. What sports car nowadays is the everyman car? The days of a kid getting a solid paying job, let alone affording a sports car, haven’t been with us for a long while now. When so many graduating college do so with $100k + in student loans, I don’t think buying a ‘Vette is top on their list of “must haves”. Their happy to have a Friday night out with their friends and paying the rent on time. So where should we start? Social reform or price reform on a sports car? I’d love to see a real deal affordable sports car that a recent college grad with a decent job could afford. Our business would thrive on such a car. But in todays world, that same college grad is lucky if he can afford an apartment on his own. Your salary is eaten up by alot more things than it used to be.

The Vette doesn’t have a victory lane type image? Victories in ALMS, Le Mans, and several GT class events throughout the world isn’t enough? Does it have a Vegas image? Sure, to some.

For many, perception is reality. Porsche’s convey snobbery to many people. Ferrari’s even moreso. Yet they often get a pass. Image plays a role, sure, but for many of us, the car is a reflection of how we see ourselves, not how we think others see us. Miata’s happen to be neat little cars. Some might say they are feminine. I’d invite those to a Spec Miata race and watch the door to door action, and tell me if that doesn’t look like a helluva lot of fun?

Let’s not forget that GM is in the position now of trying to capitalize on whatever they can. That can sometimes lead to things like the current Grand Sport. Interestingly enough, the previous Grand Sport was very much the same. More show than go. Some might argue the NISMO 370Z is cut from the same cloth.

Is the Vette the greatest thing since sliced bread under $60k? Who knows – that’s subjective. However, from a performance standpoint, it runs with cars that are way out of its price category and that is something it has done nearly since the 60’s. That’s its point. I firmly believe that the guy looking for a performance car is not considering both the Vette and the GT3. They are 2 distinctly different cars for 2 different customers. These are legacy cars. They are cars that cater to the existing ownership base. When the new one comes out, the owners trade up. Higher line models come out, and it’s what many of these owners aspire to get. A C6 customer probably wishes he had a Z06. A Z06 customer wishes he had a ZR1. A Carrera owner perhaps wishes he had a Turbo. And so it goes.

Edmunds – I appreciate your contributor trying to stir the pot, but in this case, I think he’s got it a bit backwards.

OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential

22 Nov


In our neverending quest to offer only the best products on the market for your performance car, we are proud to now be an authorized OS Giken dealer. OS Giken has been producing performance parts for both OEM manufacturers as well as the aftermarket since 1975. Professional racers, home grown racers, and performance enthusiasts alike have come to know and respect OS Gikens immense knowledge and resources, and we’re honored to be able to bring these products to you.

So what makes the OS Giken differential so special? It’s in the details! There are lots of differential options on the market, but here is what makes the OS Giken stand head and shoulders above the rest.

1. Lock Timing Technology – under normal driving conditions, the OS Giken LSD acts just like any normal differential. Once full power is applied, it turns into a true 100% locking unit. However, unlike other clutch type differentials, what separates the OS Giken from others is how smoothly this transition is performed. In addition, due to unique gear driven center section, the OS Giken differential is extremely responsive, allowing it to transition from lock to unlock instantly.

2. When we say 100% lock, we mean 100% lock! Many lesser differentials on the market claim 100% lockup ability, but due to their low number of disks and small diameter, they never are truly able to sustain such high lock percentages. Not so with the OS Giken. These differentials feature more disks than any other differential on the market, which are placed in a forged housing. This not only keeps heat to a minimum, but spreads the load over a greater number of disks, which is the reason it works so seamlessly.

3. Less undesteer = more goodness! When your car enters a corner off throttle, the spring inside the patended pressure control ring reacts immediately and the differential immediately unlocks. This is done so quickly and efficiently, that the car is able to turn in quicker than with convential differentials. However, when power is put down upon corner exit, the OS Giken unit immediately returns to 100% lockup, allowing for less chance for wheel spin.

4. No More Figure 8’s!!! Ever wonder why some aftermarket differentials require you to dizzy yourself with endless figure 8’s as a “break in”. The reason is simple – because the components used are not machined as precisely as in other units. The OS Giken unit is built to such stringent tolerances, there is zero break in required. Simply install and go

5. Tons of Applications! OS Giken has one of the widest application ranges out there. They make the famous Super Lock LSD for BMW, Porsche, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, even Corvettes. Contact us for your application and we’ll be happy to make you a killer deal!