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Featured 350Z

19 Aug

One of our good customers and friends out on the west coast just had his car featured on night-import.com

Cosworth Low Temperature Thermostat

9 Aug

High performance racing engines require upgraded and improved cooling systems for maximum reliability. One important component of the upgraded cooling system is a thermostat that opens to allow coolant passage through the engine and cooling system at reduced temperature compared to the original equipment thermostat. Reducing the temperature by approximately 10 to 15C compared with that of a standard thermostat, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat improves coolant circulation through the engine by starting the process earlier than the original equipment thermostat.
Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostats are engineered with the optimum temperature range in mind for high performance racing use as it is very easy to over cool the engine by either removing the thermostat completely or using a thermostat that is not designed for the specific application. Additionally, over cooling can cause engine damage by preventing critical engine components from reaching their ideal operating temperature, altering the required clearances for safe operation. Another important feature of Cosworth LowTemp Thermostats is the ability to precisely control the flow of coolant when the valve opens. Unstable temperatures and even temperature fluctuation can cause severe engine damage and make it difficult to properly tune or calibrate the engine.
When combined with a correctly sized radiator and other high quality cooling system components, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat will help to safely maximize engine performance by controlling the engine temperature at an optimum level.


The Dogs Bollocks

13 Feb

This is going to a good customer and friend of ours in the UK shortly (waiting for some more goodies to come in). This car is joining the FI ranks soon, so it’s getting larger injectors. When you do so, you need a small spacer to allow sufficient clearance, so we did that in the same wrinkle black as well. Ian, seriously, this looks so good! You’re going to love it.

Cosworth Price Drop? Yep!

25 Nov

Cosworth Front Mount Intercooler 2008 + STi - Click to Order!

Cosworth just announced a price reduction in their front mount intercooler kit for the 2008 + STi!

Just click the picture to order yours!

This kit includes:

• Large efficient core in anodized black finish for subtle appearance.
• Large diameter mandrel bent aluminum tubing with fine texture gray powder coated finish.
• 4-ply heavy duty silicone coupling hoses.
• Isolated mounting system.
• Liner hose clamps.
• 2.5″ Hot side core inlet / 2.75 cold side core inlet.
• Compatible with stock air box and cold air inlet duct.
• No cutting or trimming of vehicle body required.
• Comprehensive instruction manual.
• Robust intercooler core mounting system

More G’s Please

25 Nov

I’ve received a bunch of emails that we have great Z content but we ignore the G’s, so here is one for you G35 lovers.

This belongs to Army member Lance, who is stationed in Afghanistan right now. A great example of a well sorted, and ultra clean G35! I wish some 350Z owners would take note of how the G guys do things a bit better. While the Z guys seem to favor wilder bodykits, and less cohesiveness overall, I notice the G guys like to keep things relatively simple, and classy.

Mods include:

Greddy 20g TT kit
Greddy EVO TT exhaust
Wiesco pistons
Pauter rods
ACT clutch/flywheel combo
Tein coilovers
Alliance BBK
Work Varianza T1S wheels
Many more mods…

I’ll see if I can find a dyno sheet to show you guys too! Enjoy

Adam’s Project Z33 Continues: A Plan Coming Together

14 Aug

It’s about time we made some real progress on my car. I lost all summer due the ITB project from hell (that I’ve since abandoned, and am much happier for it). After drowning my sorrows of all the wasted time, thousands of dollars, and useless complimentary mods (HR rad support swap anyone…) in some Red Stripe, we’re back at work on her. I figure Summer is here for a bit longer, and Fall is perfect driving weather, so it won’t be a total loss.

First, I got the Cosworth plenum back from the machinist. After putting in on the flow bench, and basically determining that we couldn’t build an engine (NA) that would support what this thing can put out, it’s about to go back on my car. I picked it up from our good customer and friend, Viet (see his amazing FX35 here). Hopefully it blesses my NA engine with as much success as it did on his FI’d FX! Of course, since I sold all the components of my old setup (buh bye stock throttle body and Gruppe-M intake), we had to start from scratch. Not to mention, we had to grab a spare collector and clean that up so it was gasket matched. Here is what we ended up with:

75mm throttle body originally designed for a late model 4.6 liter Mustang. The bolt patterns are very close between the stock TB and the Mustang one , so we were able to slot the holes and machine the outer portion of the body to allow the bolts to slide through. I still need to spec out the right length bolts as the ones provided are a touch too long. Next up, we grabbed a 45 degree silicone elbow, 3 inch in and out. That will connect to a short intake pipe, and culimate in an HKS universal filter. I had one laying around the shop in the display case forever, that as it turns out, had a cracked lip. Some 5 minute epoxy later, and it was good as new. It’s got a 4 inch outlet, so once again, we used a Vibrant silicone connector (4 inch to 3 inch reducer).

Still left to do – swap the driver side valvecover back to one for a Z(and I get to spend tomorrow making the new one wrinkle red to match the other side…oh joy. Another thing I should have just left well enough alone!), ez-out one snapped valvecover bolt that I noticed, coat the lower collector, plenum, and intake pipe, and reinstall! Also need to do a bit of playing around on the throttle linkage, as it’s super close to the metal divider that encloses the master right now. Then, get this thing tuned finally and see where we end up!

I also picked up one of the Hondata gaskets for the collector to manifold connection. As you can see from the pics, this thing is much thicker than stock. I really don’t know if it works or not, but a few shops told me they have measured good results on Honda’s and Evo’s, so it sorta became a ‘while we’re in there’ thing. I’m still sorta baffled as to how this thing doesn’t leak, considering it has no crush ring surfaces, but we’ll see. Hopefully it’s thickness won’t create clearance issues with anything else. If it works, we’ll offer it for sale (yeah, I know its years late, so what!). If it sucks, we’ll use the stock gasket that Cosworth provides with the manifold. Note to self: take stock gasket to the dyno just in case.

All I know is in the end, this better have been worth all the time and money that’s been wasted. What’s done is done and I can’t get it back (and in the process I learned alot), but I won’t lie, I’m really hoping for some solid figures.

Almost forgot, grabbed a rear strut brace cover for the 06 + Z33. They are a darker grey which matches the Silverstone paint nearly perfectly. Small detail, but that’s what makes the car IMHO.

From the WTF Files

31 Jul

Someone on a local forum we are a sponsor on was asking for the wiring diagram for the Inlet Air Temp. Sensor the other day on a G35. When asked what he needed it for (sort of a random wire to be splicing, and you figure if you’re doing a mod that involves splicing that wire (such as converting from MAF to MAP, you would own a factory service manual already..I don’t know, call me crazy), he replied that he was helping a friend install this:


The manufacturer claims gains up to 20 hp and 15 lbs of torque just by wiring this little device in. I don’t know about you, but it looks like something that Realistic made (exclusively for Radio Shack) circa 1985.

So what is this thing really? It’s a little metal box with resistors in it, that’s what. The resistors intercept the air inlet temperature sensor signal to the ecu, and “fool” it into thinking the air is colder than it really is. Colder air (even though in this case, it’s fake colder air) = more timing advance on many ecu’s, and viola, you get the “feeling” your car is making hp. You have 3 modes to choose from – street, race (give me a fucking break), and “off” – hence the tri phase.

I’ve heard Motec, Pectel and Pi Research/Cosworth each have their own versions being shown at SEMA.

Do yourself a favor – save your money. Or if you really have $180 burning a hole in your pocket – donate it to your favorite charity, take your girl out for a nice dinner, or maybe go get some lapdances.

Adam’s Project Z33: More Stuff!

25 Jun

No major news, but forward motion never-the-less. Picked up my fuel rails last night from the guys at Action Powdercoating. Vinny and the guys there are the best around – fast turnaround time, great prices, and they’ve been doing this for years. Had them done in a nice satin black, which hopefully will render them as close to invisible as possible once everything is installed

Also got a shipment of in SPL Differential Mount Bushings. We’re now a dealer for all their parts so if you need anything, just hit us up!

new625 007

new625 008

While I don’t have the 4.3 pumpkin back just yet, progress is being made on it. All sorts of custom ‘ish needs to be done to get that workable. I leaped before I looked on that one. Sleeves are being fabbed next week I was told for the pinion. Not sure what all else is involved to be honest….I’m sure it could be it’s own blog lol.

The plenum is still up with the engine guru. I’m going to check up on that tomorrow and see if he found anything interesting. I have picked out a throttle body now just have to acquire it and send it up to have an adapter plate made up so I don’t have to hack up the Cosworth.

Dave – you’re not reading this, but answer my text….I needs a cluster ! Seriously, I can’t wait to see what he works up for that thing – I think I’m looking forward to that part more than anything else at this point!

Adam’s NA Z33- Update

11 Jun

I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone. While I’m still working on finishing the ITB project, I picked up something to have some interim fun with. Much love to Viet for hooking it up!

Since I sold my nice 3 inch carbon intake tube I’m going to have to fab something else up. At least with the Haltech now in the car I don’t have to worry about a MAF housing (good thing, since I sold that too!) or a fancy intake (foiled again…sold the Gruppe-M one I was running). Word to the wise – don’t sell the old shit till the new shit is fully functional! I was going to go all psuedo hardcore and make a nice aluminum one, but who gives a shit…it’s an intake tube and it’s temporary, so some thin walled mild steel, will be just fine. Maybe I’ll even ceramic coat it (or maybe I’ll use ‘House of Krylon’…we’ll see). If I ceramic coat it, I “may” coat the plenum as well – haven’t given it much thought yet.

Not sure what throttle body I will run yet. The left side of my brain says to just put on a stock throttle body, convert the car back to DBW (easy thankfully) and have a go. The right side says…screw it, grab a Q45 tb, leave it as a cable throttle, port the inlet to the plenum (or cut it up and reweld the proper size flange on) and let her rip. Jury is still out…I’ll probably let the guru Steve (engine builder) make that call for me.

Tomorrow it goes out to be evaluated on the bench, see if we can maybe clean up some of the runners a bit so everything lines up nicey-nice. At least now maybe I can drive my car for a bit instead of just looking longingly at her!

Notice the true carbon endcaps…no Seibon/VIS wannabe stuff here. Cosworth always gives you the real deal.

For everyone who says this manifold is “overpriced”, you’re nuts, plain and simple. The asking price for it new, at full MSRP, given it’s thoughful design, cast manufacturing, and the real carbon endcaps and all the fittings to make it work, is a bargain. Is this the manifold for someone who has a stock Z or even one with a mild turbo kit? Nope, not at all (though it looks way nicer than stock!). But if you’re going all out, and want a plenum that will go there with you, this is a bargain IMHO. This isn’t a paperweight/canoe anchor design like some others out there, and it does, without question, solve the flow issues (of which there are many) that the stock setup has.

Spring has Sprung

26 Apr

Was doing my normal Sunday morning ritual surfing around the net for cool stuff and came across some video excerpts from an awesome documentary on Cosworth engine builds.  It had a pretty minimal number of views and was only posted a month or so ago – “wow, cool” I thought.  Then of course I head over to Eric Hsu’s Blog – Beyond the Dyno. Of course, he had ’em posted (no shit, since he works there!). Anyway, good stuff, worth watching if you’re curious as to how important a valvespring is in the grand scheme of things.

Cosworth Cams for Evo X and Lancer Ralliart!!!

12 Nov




Muchos Power! 

Now ready to go!

Sold as a pair

Intake: 266 degrees duration, 10.8 mm lift
Exhaust: 266 degrees diration, 10.4 mm lift

These fit both the X and Ralliart!  Contact us to order your set!