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That Viral Porsche

20 Jan

The car that set the bar 27 years ago, and is still a wicked performer by the latest standards. While videos at the ‘Ring astound us today, because there is such history and such mystique that surrounds the Green Hell, these guys helped bring that appeal to the mainstream. Those of us as kids who got to see this video grew up to be guys who still can’t help but be curious as to what modern cars can run at the Nurburgring. We know we may not ever get there, and we know that if we do, we surely won’t likely get to experience it behind the wheel of a true supercar, but it’s the stuff that dreams are made of never-the-less. You’ve seen this video before if you’re a car nut, this just happens to be a really clean transfer

Ruf Ruf Ruf

13 Dec

A decent example of a very rare car – and one that really got RUF GmbH serious worldwide attention – the original CTR.

This is an ’89, 964 chassis, and #7 made (of I believe 29 total). Exterior looks really nice, interior is a bit tattered, but could be cleaned to near perfect pretty easily. Not a fan of the brown color. For some reason, it seems many 964 buyers bought tan interiors. I almost never see the all black ones.

RUF cars are unique in that they are actually considered a builder, not merely a tuner. Take a look at the build tag with the VIN # and you’ll see what I mean.

Many Porsche-philes might remember that article from Road and Track about the “Yellowbird” – this is the same car, just in white.

CTR’s were based off the 3.2 Carrera engine, which was bored to deliver 3.4 liters of displacement. This gave the car much better torque and area under the curve vs Porsche’s 3.0 factory turbo engine. It was mated to the now well known G50 5 speed transmission (older 911/930 turbo’s were 4 speeds) which RUF had built to their specs. The car also went on a major dose of Slim Fast, with RUF remolding all the factory body pieces in aluminum. These things were absolute animals. 2550 lbs, 469 hp, 441 ft/lbs of torque = hold on and grab the oh shit handles.

Ever wonder why guys of our generation are seemingly mesmerized by stats around the Nurburgring – it’s because of the CTR.

In recent years, Porsche has made their turbo much more of a gentlemans GT than the wild beast it once was. The air cooled versions were often referred to as widow-makers. Modern Turbo’s are still blazingly fast, but it’s much more refined – some would say to a fault.


25 Dec

The latest creation from RUF Autocentre Germany.  Amazing machine!  This is not “just” some modded 911/Cayman/Boxster project.  This is it’s own machine, with unique carbon-kevlar chassis and aero that is inspired by Porsche’s current styling trends.  Even has some CGT lines in it too.   Weighing in the low 3000 lbs range, it has a twin turbo, fully OBD2 compliant engine, that makes 700 hp and 656 ft/lbs of torque.  Wee!!!!!  Full sequential 6 speed gearbox and rear wheel drive means this is not for the faint of heart.  Neither is the price, but that’s what you come to expect from Ruf – yours for around $530,000.

I’m a total magazine whore – ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you.  I’ve got thousands of car magazines between home and the shop…it’s a bit insane!  I picked up the latest issue of 911&Porsche World yesterday for some long weekend reading (also got a few other Porsche mag’s too!), and they did a roadtest of a very tasty matte grey example.   Now, I’m not into the whole matte paint thing (too much of a fad), but I wouldn’t kick this lady out of bed for eating crackers!

This is the stuff dreams are made of,  and represents the pinnacle of our hobby.  This is true design and  engineering.  All the aggressiveness of a project car, with the civil nature, fit, finish and awesome fabrication of an OEM supplier.  These are the types of cars that inspire me and my own projects.

Take a look – it’s in German, but it’s still worth watching!