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Project Z33 Continues

4 Feb

Some more new stuff arrived today for my car.  Thank god there is snow on the ground – gives me time to get all this stuff operational!  This new toy is going to be a bit of a chore to install and setup exactly like I want it, but I’m really looking forward to the final result.

I posted about this about a month or so ago.  It really is an amazing piece of equipment and the potential is simply awesome.  Since my car is used primarily for street, I opted for the standard display only model.  There is another version that datalogs, and it’s possibilities are nearly limitless.  You could moniter shock travel, clutch slip, etc etc.  But that’s a bit over the top for my needs, so this will do.  This will connect to my Haltech 350Z Platinum ecu via the supplied plug and play cable, and I will set it up to display rpm, speed, fuel level, afr, oil temperature, coolant temp, and odometer.  However, through the CAN network, it can pass through all sorts of info such as fuel pressure, fuel trim, TPS – basically anything that is part of the OBD2!  Really slick piece, and at $700, it sure beats having a ton of different gauges scattered throughout the car.    Next thing to do is getting it to my installer guru Dave, so he can fabricate me a proper housing to make this thing look like it came with the car!