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80’s Baby

13 Apr

Years before RWB began tweaking 911’s to race like proportions, there was DP Motorsports. Unquestionably an 80’s car but it’s aged well I think. Makes lots of today’s “tooner cars” look, well, kinda lame.




13 Apr

She was born in ’73, but sure doesn’t look it


The Shaggin’ Wagon

22 Apr

Been awhile since we posted anything rare or neat, so just in time for the weekend, we present to you the DP Motorsports 944 “Shooting Brake”. They made a very limited number of these through the early 90’s, where a traditional 944 was converted to uber-wagon status. The conversion is still available to be done as well. Takes a couple months, costs around $26k + the car at today’s exchange rate. You would be the only one at Cars ‘N Coffee with one of these I bet!