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Eibach Holiday Sale – Save 10%

9 Dec

Ends 12/31! All Pro Kit or Sportline Springs, and all Swaybar kits, get 10% off the purchase price from Eibach directly via a mail in rebate!

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order!

Prognosis Negative (Camber)

22 Mar

One of our good customers out west just forwarded me some pics of his latest setup. Steve’s been a good customer for awhile now, and this past winter, we set him up with a bunch of new stuff. First was a deal on a set of AME Circlar Spec R’s in blue (19×9.5 +15, 19×10.5 +15). Then just after the new year, we sent out a new box of goodies, including SPL Front Adjustable A Arms, Eibach Rear Camber/Toe Kit, Powergrid Front/Rear Endlinks and 15mm Project Kics Spacers. The car is lowered on Zeal Function Xs Coilovers. The Ings hoods are just dead sexy on the Z’s too.

The camber? Yeah, there’s alot. Not quite sure exactly how much just yet, since this was the trial run, but it’s a work in progress. As Steve put it “As for the camber, unfortunately, running an aggressive stance is a trial and error type of deal. This is my first attempt at it, so I had to make it fit with tires that are too wide. I’ll probably go with something like 245s or 255s in the rear next time (prob in 2 weeks when these wear out ), which will allow me to dial out some of that neg camber. As it is, I had to raise the car a full inch in the rear, and roll the s*** out of my fenders just to get the car to move!”

Stay tuned here for the final pics once everything is fully setup!

Eibach Pro Kit – Lancer Ralliart and Sportback

10 Jan

Eibach Prokit Lancer Ralliart/Sportback

If you’re looking to lower your Ralliart by a sensible amount, without breaking the bank, and without compromising ride quality, then look no further. Eibach’s Pro Kit lowers the car 1.2 inches front and rear. Spring rates are progressivr, at 142-262 lbs/in up front and 114-211 lbs/in out back.

Order yours by clicking here

Holiday Cash Back Deals on All Eibach Springs!!!

18 Nov

From now until December 31, 2009, Eibach is offering 10% cash back on ALL springs purchased from Z1 Performance! No matter what car you’ve got, your friend has, your boyfriend/girlfriend, neighbor…whatever! Just give us a call at (631)863-3820, and we’ll take care of you!

Eibach Springs for 370Z!!

30 Mar


Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Just got word that we’ll be getting these very soon.

Here is the skinny:

Lowers the car .9 inches up front, .8 inches out back

OE spring rates are 422 lbs front, 450 lbs rear, linear

Eibach spring rates are 239-479 lbs front (progressive), 217-530 lbs rear (progressive)

The progressive rates are an Eibach staple, and allow the car to maintain a comfortable, factory like ride under normal driving conditions, and then firm up as the car is pushed harder. 

Price: $265 shipped for the set – just click the picture to place your order and reserve a set for yourself as these are sure to be hot sellers!

Eibach Pro Kit for GTR Now In Stock

4 Nov

Just arrived today!!  We’ve got 3 sets in stock and ready to go!

These springs were designed specifically around the stock Bilstein shocks, and lower the car .8 inches up front and .5 inches out back for an even, clean stance, and lower center of gravity. Springs are progressively wound, allowing them to retain a near OEM ride quality during day to day driving, but as the suspension compresses, they firm up to improve handling.


Eibach Springs for R35 GTR

15 Sep

Just got word about the release of the Eibach Pro Kit for the 2008 + GTR.  These springs lower the car .8 inches up front, .5 inches out back, and were specifically tuned around the stock Bilstein Dampers.   The result is a clean, even stance, and lower center of gravity.  Springs are progressively wound, allowing them to retain a near OEM ride quality during day to day driving, but as the suspension compresses, they firm up to improve handling.

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

We’ve got a bunch coming in, and preorders can be placed just by clicking !

Now accepting preorders for mid to late October arrival!

Clean Execution

3 Sep

I’ve mentioned one of the best parts of being in this industry is being able to interact with people from all over the world.  The car shown here is owned by Stewart, a good customer of ours from way up in Scotland.  As I recall, Stewart travels alot for his job, so I know he gets a giddy feeling when he’s finally home and can look outside and see his pride and joy just begging for a flogging!   This car has been tastefully upgraded from stock and is just a nice, clean example of what a daily driven Z can be.  You’ll also notice the lovely Aberdeen sky.  Miami has nothing on Aberdeen as far as weather!

The car started life as an ’04 2004 UK Azure Blue GT Coupe (brembos, bose, leather etc etc) .  In the UK, guys were lucky enough to be able to combine Brembo’s and leather early on.  The US didn’t have this option I believe until 2006 (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Modifications include:

JWT Popcharger
Kinetix V+ Plenum
DC Sports Exhaust

Aerosync bumper
USDM Nismo sideskirts
JDM Nismo Cannards
Dream CustomZ Headlight (Gunmetal gray with inverse audi style LED running lights)
Honda Stubby Aerial 🙂
Tommy Kaira rear badge

Eibach Pro lowering kit
EBC redstuff pads
Privat wheels 20″
Toyo T1R 245/30/20 front, 285/30/20 rear

The awesome photo’s were taken by Adam at ARPhotography.  Check out the site   by clicking here – he takes some amazing pictures!

The Real Dark Knight

19 Aug

Why… so… serious?

Seriously, because this EVO X goes hardddddd. Black on Black (if someone even dares uses the phrase “murdered out” I will kick them in the balls) the total opposite of something Rick Ross would drive but who cares?

Another vehicle courtesy of one of our customers and really good friends, Paul. This is Paul’s second black on black Evo build. This car is barely a month old and its already got a set of Eibach springs, AME FS01s,  an AMS Intake, Black AMS Intercooler Pipe. an HKS EVC VI Limited Boost Controller, an HKS Exhaust and  to quote Adam “a bunch of Kansai and Ralliart goodies on the way!”  Dammmmmnnn Homie! Not bad… Feed the addiction Paul, feed it!

Just like Batman always shows up again on the big screen you can bet money that you will see this car up here on our blog with updates in no time. (Oh and BTW Paul we are shipping out your new HKS midpipe out to you today.) 🙂