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Dirt Devil

11 Apr

Play outside!



HeadMaster Gasket Kit for Lancer Evolution

20 Sep

Time to do a new headgasket in your Evo? Afraid to see what the dealer charges? Don’t be! And don’t overpay. We have em put together for both the Evo 7/8 and 9’s. These gasket kits are totally complete, and include everything you need to do the job correctly, the first time! Headgasket, cam seals, valvecover gasket, sprak plug seals, grommets, cam seals, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, downpipe gasket, 02 housing gasket. The whole shebang!

Need a combo with headbolts (stock or ARP), or our awesome Timing Belt Kit, let us know!

Priced from just $239 SHIPPED to all 50 states! Click the picture for details or contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com

Competition Ventilation Panels Evo VII-IX

16 Jul

New from Cusco Japan, designed as a direct fit for the Evo VII-IX as well as Evo X. Priced at $292/pair. Contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order.

Evo Wheel Bearing Kit

19 Dec

Had a couple people asking about this over the weekend via email as well as pm, so figured we would get them posted up.

Can’t seem to get rid of that wobble? Steering wheel shaking despite the wheels being balanced properly? Feel a shimmy in the rear of the car and can’t track it down? Evo wheel bearings are notorious for going bad, particularly when you start to run the wide, low offset wheels and/or do lot’s of track/rally cross use. These direct replacement bearings carry a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty (exclusive of shipping) and are sold as front or rear, or as sets or pairs. They come installed in new hubs and have new wheel studs included as well.

We highly suggest replacing them as pairs, as once one side goes, the other side is surely close behind.

Free shipping when the full front and rear set are purchase

Low Buck/Low Dust Brake Maintenance Package for Evo VII-IX

14 Jun

Own an Evo? Need new brakes? Barely made it out of the parts department at your local dealership alive after seeing the prices? Don’t worry – we got ya covered!

We know what you want – a kit that is complete, has low dust, and doesn’t “brake” the bank!

What you get:

Front AND Rear rotors (vented, non slotted, non drilled, just good old fashioned blanks like the car came stock with), front and rear PBR pads. A great low dust, low noise pad that outlasts the factory stuff. We encourage you to price this out at your dealer – and see why our deal kills theirs

Cost – $565 shipped in the 48 states! To order give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email z1sales@z1auto.com

More Track Day Shots

7 Jun

This time, an Evo customer of ours from Italy. Actually Cosimo has been a customer for many years now, first with his 350Z, and now more recently with his latest acquisition, an Evo VII. He’s been steadily building it since last year and it’s shaping up nicely! The last batch of stuff we shipped included some track day tires and a Bride Gias seat.

More JDM Goodies for Your CT9A

19 May

Tomei has just announced their Titanium Exhaust for the Evo 7-9, as well as an optional Titanium Test Pipe.

Click here for preorder specials!

Tomei Spark Plug Cover Evo 4-9

19 May

This neat accessory for your engine bay has just been released by Tomei Japan. This stylish cover from Tomei is finished in polished stainless steel, and is the perfect way to dress up your dreary engine bay. Since it is slightly raised, ot also allows the coils to cool off properly vs the factory sealed plate, and it also prevents water from collecting and and around the coilpacks Attaches simply and quickly with standard hand tools, and etched with the Tomei logo. Fits all Evo 4-9 models, except Evo 6’s produced from August 1996-September 1996. To fit it to these specific models, you will need the valve cover from an Evo 6 produced after September 1996.

Click here to order yours!

Christmas Clearance Sale- HKS Kansai Titanium Front Strut Brace Evo 7-9

7 Dec

We’ve got a limited number available and are offering them up at a special price to get them off the shelves and onto your car!

This is a full titanium front strut brace, weighs in at approximately 2.4 lbs!

These are fully, genuine Kansai braces, not replicas.  They are a direct fit for the Evo 7-9, and attaches to the body in 3 points

HKS Kansai Titanium Strut Brace Evo 7-9

HKS Kansai Titanium Strut Brace Evo 7-9

This brace used to sell at $600.00…..but like I said, we’re clearing them out.  We usually DETEST doing the whole ‘PM for price’ thing but this time we have to.  What I can promise is that if you are able to even find the brace anymore, no one will give you the deal we can!

If you’ve been looking for a titanium front strut brace for your 7-9 (most of them are now discontinued, or special order with extended wait times), this is an unbeatable deal.  Contact us at 631-863-3820, via email at z1sales@z1auto.com, or via AIM at Z1Auto for best pricing!