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Why Your Oxygen Sensor Shouldn’t Be Ignored

9 Oct

If you’ve noticed your car performing inconsisently, can’t pass inspection due to poor emissions performance, with poor fuel economy, or running like a raped ape somedays, and like a 3 legged dog on others, it could be a faulty oxygen sensor. The 02 sensor is partially responsible for telling the ecu what to do and when. When they are new, 02 sensors relay accurate info very quickly to the ecu. When they age, or get contaminated, they act lazy, slowly relaying info, and performance and economy suffer as a result. We offer a full range of direct replacement 02 sensors from Bosch and Denso, 2 of the largest OEM suppliers in the automotive world. In fact Bosch invented the 02 sensor! These are plug and play, not some cheesy universal joint you’ve got to spend timing soldering in. Waterproof connections ensure years of reliable service. No sense paying the dealer more for the same part in a different box!

So why is it important to replace? As the sensors age, they get contaminated. Remember, these sensors sit right in the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipes, so they are forced to live in a dirty, nasty environment. As time goes on, contaminents build on the sensor itself, and it’s no longer able to react with the speed that modern ecu’s demand. These contaminants also can cause false readings to the ecu, causing the car to run significantly richer, or leaner, than it should. This can have systemic results in other areas of the car. Not only will you get poor performance and poor fuel economy, overly rich conditions can clog cats and cause injectors to stick open. Overly lean conditions can wreak havoc on your internals causing knock, as well as potential piston damage.

If you run race gas, methanol or alcohol injection, this can also cause premature 02 sensor failure. Thankfully, these sensors are affordable, and very easy to replace yourself

Contact us to order yours at z1sales@z1auto.com or (631)863-3820


In Color Part II: Evo!!!

23 Aug

Titanium Engine Bolt Kits for Evo VII-X now available!!

contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order, or visit:

Evo VII-IX: http://z1auto.com/prodmore.asp?model=evo&cat=engine&prodid=5846

Evo X: http://z1auto.com/prodmore.asp?model=evo&cat=engine&prodid=5847

New HKS Bolt on Turbo for Evo IV-IX

15 Sep

As a true bolt-on upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX, the GTII 7460R is a reverse rotation ball-bearing turbocharger assembly that utilizes the factory exhaust manifold. By creating a twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger, the GTII 7460R offers a straighter exhaust path to the turbine housing inlet increasing boost response while allowing full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the RPM range. Intake and exhaust port sizes have been optimized in size and flow area to allow an increase in air-flow capacity while the ball bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) improves low-speed boost response. The inconel turbine wheel and heat resistant SUH 22 cast stainless steel turbine housing increases reliability and durability. The GTII 7460R produced 373.4 WHP and 355.6 ft. lbs Torque with the boost set at 1.78 Bar (25.8 PSI) on 93 octane.

These kits come in various configurations ranging from a kit that includes and EVC VI, to setups that include HKS Cams. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Contact us for availability

July 11th Bell Mitsubishi MOD Pictures…

24 Jul

new710 033

I’m back on my grizzy. Computer problems had me down but I’m back!

Tein Hood/Bonnet Dampers for Evo VIII-X!!!

23 Jul
Tein Hood Damper Evo VIII-X from Z1Auto.com - Click to order!

Tein Hood Damper Evo VIII-X from Z1Auto.com - Click to order!

Finally, after a long time, these are finally coming in!

THROW THAT STOCK HOOD PROP ROD IN THE TRASH! Tein’s Hood dampers require no drilling or modification, and the process is fully reversible. You simply bolt these on in the existing location and eliminate that prop rod that is constantly in the way. It’s that simple. Installation takes about 30 minutes with simple hand tools.

We expect to have these around the first week of August – to order yours, just click the picture!


26 May

Not only one of the cleanest Evo’s out there (bar none), but it’s damn quick too. Evo 9 MR, AMS 50 Trim, etc etc etc. The go to back up the show. Naj is a good friend, long time customer, and even worked for us for awhile doing sales stuff. All around good guy, and he obviously has the gift of what it takes to put together that is clean and aggressive all at once. Props my man, it looks insane!

Evo Mini Meet

27 Apr

This past week, a bunch of our local Evo crew got together, as they do every week. OG’s mix with new members, and it’s a very relaxed, calm atmosphere. Just bs’ing, grabbing some coffee, and talking about mods, forum clowns, and life in general. Some pics courtesy of Illmatic (what up Alchy!)

Someone tell Mike he needs to be lowered with the quickness!

Najeeb’s EVO IX

28 Nov


New Blitz Parts for EVO X & 08-UP WRX/STI

14 Oct

Here are some of Blitz’s newest releases for the Mitsubishi EVO X and the 08-UP WRX/STI.

Let us know if you are interested in any of these products.

Blacktop Aero Type R Carbon Lip for EVO IX

2 Oct

We have these in stock and ready to ship. The weave is 2×2 and the the styling is spot on. A nice, mild addition to the front end of any EVO IX.

Click here for pricing details!

AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

1 Oct

I just received the press release on the new AMS EVO upgraded oil cooler kit…

AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Upgraded Oil Cooler Kit provides the most efficient oil cooling available. With an additional 14 rows of heat exchange and 30% increased surface area over the stock unit this is the ultimate oil cooler for your EVO. Using one of the most efficient heat exchangers on the market, road racers, drag racers and performance street cars alike can be confident that oil cooling will not be an issue. We suggest the replacement of the factory oil cooler after any engine failure to prevent contamination of your new engine. Our kit not only out performs the factory cooler but is a cost effective alternative to the expensive OEM unit.


· 30% increased surface area over the stock oil cooler

· 25 rows of heat exchange compared to stock at 11 rows

· Utilizes the most efficient heat exchanger on the market

· Pre made lines with reusable billet aluminum hose ends

· Direct bolt-on, no modifications needed

· All necessary hardware and fittings included

· Cores have a 1 year warranty


· 13”x7”x2” oil cooler core

· Stainless steel brackets

· Billet aluminum fittings

· Kit weighs 7.5 lbs


· Mitsubishi Evolution VII, VIII & IX

· Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

In stock and ready to ship! Click on the picture above which will lead you to our website where you can place your order.

Rally On!

24 Sep

With the winter months fast approaching, there is no better time to get that AWD car out in the snow and play.  But with so much salt, ice, rocks on the road during this time, it can quickly do a number on your paint.  Have no fear, RallyArmor is here!

Our buddies at RallyArmor make the finest bolt on heavy duty mudflaps on the market.  The most popular applications are the 02-07 WRX/STi, 03 + Evo, ’93-’01 Impreza/2.5RS.  Other applications include the Forrester, Legacy, Lancer, and even the new ’08 + STi and Evo X

RallyArmor Mudflaps Come in a Variety of Colors

RallyArmor Mudflaps Come in a Variety of Colors

Owners will find the “flex factor” of the “UR’s” to be advantageous as the material is resilient and very flexible despite extreme temperature variations. Rally Armor mud flaps are the ideal rally mud flap choice for lowered vehicles, competition, rally vehicles as well as daily driver set ups. They provide exceptional coverage without sacrificing the look and finish of your performance car! Each kit comes with all mounting hardware and full instructions.  Check them out on a few cars:

RallyArmor Installed on 2002-2007 WRX/STi - Click for More Info!

RallyArmor Installed on 2002-2007 WRX/STi - Click for More Info!

RallyArmor Installed on Evo X - Click for More Info

RallyArmor Installed on Evo X - Click for More Info

RallyArmor Installed on Evo 8 MR - Click for Info

RallyArmor Installed on Evo 8 MR - Click for Info


So if you’ve got an Evo, WRX/STi, Impreza, Legacy, Forrester, Lancer, etc. and you want a set of these awesome flaps, give us a shout!

Adam – z1sales@z1auto.com AIM: z1auto

Kwame – kwame@z1auto.com AIM: kwamez1auto

Jonathan – jonathan@z1auto.com AIM: jonz1auto