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High Society

2 Oct


Best of the best on this 350z – Endless Racing 6 big brake kit, Zeal Coilovers with Eibach race springs, Roberuta Cup Kit (to adjust height on the fly), Esprit forged adjustable a-arms, and a bevy of Whiteline and SPL bushings. The end result is going to be out of this world, stay tuned!


Bark and Bite for your 350Z – 5Zigen Spec VES Exhaust

28 Oct

A brand new exhaust design from 5Zigen Japan for the 2003-2008 350Z. The Spec VES stands for Variable Exhaust System. This system uses a wastegate-like valve that is electronically and vacuum activated to alter the sound and flow of the exhaust. The valve is actuated via a supplied wireless remote. It was originally announced end of 2011, and production is now starting.

First Video is the exhaust with valve closed

Next, valve opened

Another with the valve opened

These can be shipped to any part of the world direct from 5Zigen’s factory, as they are made to order.

No pricing has been set as of yet, but contact z1sales@z1auto.com to join the notification list, or, check the blog, and we will update as soon as these details are released.

Have you Heard This? True Story

2 Oct

Jay Leno Datsun Fairlady

Not big on blogging stuff other blogs do, but this is a great video, and Leno’s site always has cool stuff on it


New Tommy Kaira 350Z/Z33 Rear Valence and Exhaust

25 Oct

It’s nice to know that manufacturers are still developing new products for the Nissan 350Z even though it is no longer in production. One of Japan’s top tuning firms, Tommy Kaira, has recently released this fiberglass rear valence for the Z33. The valence takes a few design cues from the 370z to give the 350z rear a slight update. This piece is available with and without the center 370z rear fog lamp.

Also pictured is the Tommy Kaira Premium 01S High Performance Exhaust System (Click Here to View the Press Release, I should warn you that it’s in Japanese). This exhaust is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel with 76mm diameter main piping and 90mm diameter quad slash-cut tips. An optional 60mm diameter Y-Pipe/Front Pipe is also available for purchase from Tommy Kaira to be used in conjunction with this exhaust. Gaskets and hardware are included and the exhaust with the y-pipe installed is rated at a sound level of 90-92 decibels.

All of these items are available for immediate purchase. If you are interested in pricing and availability please contact us.

Putting the Power Down

9 Jan

350Z’s are blessed with the ability to put down copious amounts of power. The chassis is a terrific blend of comfort and strength, the engines can be built to near bulletproof levels, and the transmissions have proven themselves able to deal with tons of horsepower and torque. However, one area that is often overlooked are the factory bushings. Particularly at the rear of the car. Under acceleration, you will notice than a factory Z has a fair level of squat. While some weight transfer is good, when it all comes to powering out of a hole, from a dig, or at the dragstrip, that tilting is all wasted energy.

Whiteline has come up with a series of urethane bushing solutions to help deal with this. The latest addition is the Differential Positive Power Kit. This new kit from Whiteline is a 4 piece urethane bushing kit which is designed to serve as a supplemental form of support for the rear pumpkin. Unlike the competition, these bushings do not require you to remove the stock units. Instead, they slip right on top and bottom of them, and form a tough urethane barrier between the front pumpkin mounts and subframe. This gives you the compliance and silence of the stock bushings, with the superior strength of urethane, all in one! Coupled with the SPL Rear Solid Differential Bushing this will give a great setup that reduces the slop, gets more power transferred to the ground efficiently, without unwanted noise or vibration.

These are available for purchase now, and ready to go. Just click here to order yours!

Love the idea, but not a fan of the execution…

1 Jan

I know the stretch tire fanbois will dig this car but we here are not big fans of the whole stretched tire craze. I do like these wheels (SSR MS1) on a Z roadster. I guess I would prefer that the owner had gone with more of a “Hellafunctional” look as opposed to the “Hellaflush”  one they are sporting. Just my $.02


15 Nov

I love rare stuff. In the Z world, it doesn’t get much rarer than the S Tune GT. These were a limited run that Nissan made back in 2004-2005. Only 20 or so were made per month for the one calendar year. It basically included all of the NISMO factory pieces, and sold for the equivalent of around $70,000 in Japan.

Interior wise, there Alcantera appointed sport seats, NISMO gauge cluster, NISMO door sills and mats. Most of these parts you could buy from NISMO as accessories, and are still offered today.

Outside, the car featured a bespoke front and rear bumper, made of FRP. Side skirts were the normal NISMO fare. This front bumper is still my favorite of any ever made for the car. The rear spoiler is the now-famous (in the Z world) V2, which had an adjustable carbon blade and unique badging. IT also featured these funky vents on the side, just in front of the rear wheels. They were available in the standard Z colors, though I’ve only ever come across pictures of silver and white and the one NISMO pace car.

The heart and soul of the car came from NISMO S1’s engine package, which featured NISMO S1 cams + VTC pullies, 3 inch intake with integrated MAF housing and carbon air duct, oil cooler, lightweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch with stainless clutch line. All tuned via a NISMO S1 spec ecu. Horsepower increased from 276 to 296 and the rev limiter increased to 7200 rpm.

Footwork wise, a NISMO spring/shock kit with NISMO sways, Brembo 355mm brake kit with NISMO stainless lines, 19×8.5 +25 and 19×9.5 +30 Rays/NISMO Forged LMGT4 wheels with 245/35 and 275/35 Potenza S03’s.


16 Jun




Another S30 with SSRs

29 May

Yeah so I’m on an old-school Z with SSRs thing today. Actually I’ve been sweating SSRs all week if you haven’t noticed.

Two more reasons why I love Zs…

26 May

Ahhh two G-Noses…


It doesn't get much cooler than this.... Seriously!

It doesn't get much cooler than this.... Seriously!

My New Wallpaper

14 Nov

I love this shot of the Calsonic/Team Impul JGTC Z33