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5 Aug

You guys know how I love SP1s

Stand back, don't get your head bust...

Stand back, don't get ya head bust...


Tamon Design FD and FC

13 Jan

Some more random photos I’ve found of Tamon Design’s Mazda offerings…


16 Nov

Being that I only like the front and side profile of this car, this is the only picture I will post 🙂


Here is the Youtube video of this RX-7 in action.

***Warning: The sound is off in this video and it can be quite annoying but if you don’t mind that then enjoy!***

Clean and Simple

4 Nov

A cool photo of a sleek FD…


Work VSXX on an FD RX7

20 Aug

This picture is an old one that I believe came from Rick from Status. These wheels look SICk on this car!