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Massa Straps In

16 Nov

Felipe Massa strapped in just a few minutes ago in the F2012 car. He is now on track for practice session 2 at COTA in Austin, TX


2 Fors

9 Sep

Not often you see an Enzo


Parked across from


Down the block from


Your love is better than ice cream

9 Sep

Not lust, love. This is my motoring nirvana, color and all


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

15 Jul

Seinfeld’s latest venture. Can’t wait!!

System Forged + E92 M3

11 Jul

A gorgeous combo! This particular setup is 20×9 and 20×11 System Forged Mesh 10-1. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for all your System Forged custom wheel packages, no matter what car you’ve got! From Audi to BMW, to Nissan to Porsche, if you dream it, it can be built. Special deals for the entire month of July!

Ferrari Cavalcade

27 Jun

More than 100 Ferrari owners from around the world are set to meet over the next 2 days in Italy as part of the Ferrari Cavalcade. Starting in Bologna, the tour hits such famed locations as roads used during the Mille Miglia, as well as the Fiorino test track. Eventually headed to Florence and then back to Bologna. Sounds like an amazing event. Will do my best to find pics over the coming days to post. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the new 458 Spider on some of the roads the Cavalcade will cover.


King of the Road

20 May

A 3 hour documentary on the legendary late Carroll Shelby airs tonight at 8 PM EST on Velocity Network. Enjoy!

Thunder in the Woods – And a Contest

19 May

In a few short hours the woods will be alive with the sounds and smells of motorsport.


This years participants includes many of the usual suspects. The Aston crew, the Manthey Porsche group. But new to the field include an LFA and FT86 from Toyota.

For follow-anywhere coverage, your best bet is radiolemans.com. Great live coverage and knowledgeable commentators.

Nissan is live streaming as well. Follow them at http://www.ustream.jp/channel/nissan-motorsports

The official live stream can be found here: http://www.24h-rennen.de/Live.94.0.html?&L=1

Subaru has a live stream too for the inaugural event for their BRZ: http://www.subaru-msm.com/ustream/index.html (embedded below

Predict the winner correctly, get a $20 coupon for your next order!


14 Apr

Courtesy of HRE Wheels


Divine Intervention

25 Mar

Let us pray


6 Dec


I know it’s been posted all over, but this was some detailed footage. Sometimes it pays to just stay home instead of going to the meet

If You’re Gonna Do Wheels on an Enzo…….

13 Oct

I’ll see what info I can dig up on the origins of the car itself, but I figured this was a great representation on what amazing wheels + an amazing car can result in. Ecstacy. With the pics of the Adv1 equipped Enzo making the various blog rounds, figured I’d toss up something a bit more my style. For all I know, it could be ps’d – but so what, it’s inspiring never-the-less. Not just an Enzo, but one specially ordered (looks to be Grigio Titanio Metallico or something very close to it). And not just any set of wheels, but the venerable BBS LM. I’ve yet to see a car these don’t compliment.

On the East End Part II – The Spirit of Bridgehampton Lives

21 Aug

Many readers of the blog know we love everything cars, no matter the location. What many don’t know is that for many decades, our own backyard in Long Island was a renowned hub of motorsport action The Bridgehampton Racetrack was regarded by many as one of the finest tracks jn the world. If you’ve been lucky enough to drive it, or have seen video footage, you know it was the stuff of legend. Sadly the track closed in the early 90’s due to pressure from surrounding neighbors. Like so many pristine pieces of properties in New York, it’s now a golf course.

However, the passion of those who attended the races, participated in the many events held every weekend, is alive and well. For many years, the gearheads out east would meet at Marty’s Old Stone Market, a local eatery. For a few hours each Sunday, racers, business moguls, mechanics and aspiring enthusiasts alike would meet, swap stories, show their prized possessions, and hang out over an egg sandwich and some coffee. The original Cars and Coffee! There isn’t a track to meet at anymore, and Marty’s owners didn’t like people hanging out in the parking lot all morning, but the old guard now has its own place to call home. Some area enthusiasts, along with Ferrari of Long Island now run a clubhouse of sorts for grown ups and their toys. The Old Stone Boys Club is a haven for those who’s heart pumps 116 octane.

Sunday mornings the boys now have somewhere to go that’s all their own. No talking about what drapes to buy, or what so and so wore to last nights party. Just car guys talking cars with other car guys. Now, I’m in a whole different tax bracket than the guys here but it’s no matter. Cars guys are car guys. More than a few asked about my Z with the same enthusiasm as I asked about there Porsche and Ferrari. One of the guys was mentioning he even recently bought one of BAR’s ex-F1 cars and is currently undergoing a full rebuild. There were cars of all types, owners of all types. It was a reminder of what binds us all together. For some it’s their job, for others it’s a hobby, but for all of us, it’s a love of cars and motorsports.

It’s pretty cool when the lot has an R8, a 930, a Panoz, a 430 convertible, an older Mercedes cabriolet, a Vantage, my 350Z (guess who felt out of place!), and more.






Pebble Beach 2011 – The Quail

20 Aug

Every year in August, the who’s who and what’s what in the collector car scene converge in Pebble Beach, CA. The mission for man and machine is simple – to see and be seen. I’ve never been lucky enough to go, but hope to one of these years. In the meantime, here is further reminder that even though the world economy is still in a tailspin, the upper class still know how to show off in all the right ways. It’s amazing to me how 40-50 years on, some of the cars look so beautiful. Timeless design never goes out of style. Makes me wonder 2 things. First, what must it have been like for a young gearhead in their teens to see their first 250GT, or 911, or SL? And second, what cars of today will retain that iconic class 50-60 years from now? Modern classics are harder to define in many ways, as they are built in far greater numbers than some of the cars shown here.

ALMS @ Limerock

9 Jul

Weather was absolutely perfect. The way these guys run an event should be emulated throughout motorsports. One price for all, gets you all the races for the day, all access to the pits, etc.