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New Internal Engine Goodness for your Subaru

8 May

Tomei has recently released several new components for the Subaru EJ255/57 engines.

First up, their unique barrel forged piston set. The ellipse barrel shape profile was chosen from the advanced analysis of the analysis distribution of piston temperatures, material properties and the coefficient thermal expansion rates. This allowed our design to use much tighter piston clearances for maximum power range. This greatly reduces blow by gases, friction loss and no noise. This maximizes power and longevity of the piston. Specs: Bore diameter: 99.75mm, 19.5cc dome volume, 380 grams (503 grams with pin)

In concert with this new piston release comes their new EJ26 stroker kit. Tomei has made an option to include their Competition Bearing Series product with our kits. All the engine internals are brought to static temperature (20 degrees Celcius) and blueprinted with 0.040~0.060mm clearance bearings

To compliment the above components, Tomei also has released their newest headgasket design for the EJ 2.5 liter engines. They are all 101mm bores, and offer 4 possible thicknesses: .7, 1mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm. These are all grommet/stopper types, which are a superior overall design to the OEM bead style. Priced at $114 per pair + shipping.

Contact us for availability at z1sales@z1auto.com for any of these items.

Cool, Shiny Bits

7 Mar

A customer of ours in the UK recently blew the engine on his Evo X.  As a glass half full type of guy, he decided it presented the perfect opportunity to build it stronger than before!

We stepped up with a set of Buschur-spec JE .20 overbore Forged Pistons with coated skirts, as well as Carrillo’s Pro H connecting rods with their unique CARR’s rod bolts.  These bolts are special in that they can be retorqued an infinite number of times without stretching.  These are among the best hardware money can buy!

For more info on Carrillo or JE, just give us a shout!