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Like a Meeting at the U.N.

22 Sep


Many cultures represented


New SSR GTF-01 Forged Monoblock Wheel

22 Apr


Brand new from SSR Japan is the fully forged 1 piece GTF-01. A classic 5 spoke style with turned in spokes, reminds me alot of the former sport wheels from STi/NISMO/Ralliart from back in the earlier 2000’s.

Offered in silver or black, center caps valvestems are included (we also will include lugs and hubrings). Sizes are as follows:
SIZE Bolt Pattern Offset MSRP
17X7.5 5X100 48 $ 700.00
18X8.0 5X114.3 49 $ 790.00
18X8.5 5X100 44 $ 800.00
5X114.3 44 $ 800.00
5×114.3 32 $ 800.00
18X9.0 5X114.3 45 $ 810.00
18X9.5 5X100 44 $ 820.00
5X114.3 40 $ 820.00
5×114.3 22 $ 820.00
18X10.5 5X114.3 15 $ 840.00
19×9.5 5X114.3 22 $ 870.00
19X10.5 5X114.3 22 $ 890.00
20X9.5 5X114.3 22 $ 1,010.00
20X10.0 5X114.3 35 $ 1,030.00
20X10.5 5X114.3 20 $ 1,050.00

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for details, shipping, etc.


7 Mar




TE37TTAZ33BVolk has been constantly evolving the venerable TE37 over the years. The latest versions are the TE37RT and the TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Progressive Model.

The RT is slightly heavier vs the standard SL, but 6% more rigid. This makes it particularly well suited for track use, and particularly cars running stiffer springs and slicks or R compounds.




The TE37 TTA Progressive Model features a gorgeous black finish with polished lip, etched “Volk Racing Original” logo in the spokes, and unique graphics.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for pricing and applications available for these limited wheels.

Braid Wheels for your Porsche

30 Sep

Whether your Porsche is a classic or modern, street or race, rally or tarmac, Braid makes a wheel to set it apart from the crowd. A wide range of sizes, custom widths and offsets to accodomate whatever you can dream up! Your world-class car deserves nothing less than world-class wheels.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to arrange a set for your car.