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Old School

14 Apr

Got an email last week from someone who bought our old Galant VR4!  I got this car back around 1999 from the original owner.  I was in my rally phase at this point and already had a 2.5 RS and All Trac Turbo Celica.  A good friend of mine had a modded GVR4 at the time, and I always loved the sleeper nature of the car.  We did lots of work to it over the years and eventually I gave the car to Jonathan…who continued to mod it.  We sold that car back in 2005 to someone in Ohio as I recall.  The first few pics are the car in it’s present state, the last 2 are before we sold it, circa 2004.

Fast forward to 2009 and it looks like she has a new home.  From the message I got, the car is now living down in Florida, and undergoing a full makeover, from body to power upgrades.  The new owner is looking for around 700 hp! 

Keep us updated on how it goes!


Kickin it Old School

28 Nov

Galant VR4 once owned by the Bloom brothers (not at the same time)….