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Swing Time

1 Mar


Garage Hirota’s RWD GC Impreza getting it on…


New Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear for Subaru’s

16 Nov

Click the PDF link below for full details and contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours. MSRP is $190 each + shipping, but of course, we’re doing deals!!


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

22 Jul

All too often, we’re used to seeing ‘track’ cars tossed together without any real forethought, no real plan. Everyone can appreciate a home built effort, built on a budget, long nights and weekends spent toiling on a cold garage floor. But can you equally appreciate a race car built with top shelf parts, zero expense spared, by a professional shop? This is one of those cars. I can’t recall the last race car I saw who’s build was executed with such attention to detail.

Built by Roger Clarke Motorsport in the UK – this is the Gobstopper. No, it’s not a new build, but so what? Not many cars come along built to this spec, and it’s worth of praise.


Power = 850 bhp
Weight = 1120 kgs
Intended use: street/track/hill climbs/drag strip/time attack


WRC steel arches WRC front and rear bumpers
WRC carbon rear spoiler
FIA T45 multi point welded in roll cage
STi alloy bonnet with RCMS heat extraction vents and gas struts
Heated front screen
WRC non heated lightweight rear screen


2.0Litre closed deck subaru block
RCMS extreme arrow rods
RCMS 75mm steel crankshaft
RCMS omega flat top pistons (coated) compression ratio 9.5:1
V4 STi cylinder heads with WRC/RCMS O-ring head gaskets and gas rings
One piece Nimonic exhaust valves
One piece stainless inlet valves
RCMS uprated valve springs
Plasma nitrided titanium spring caps
WRC main and big end bearings
WRC R-Profile high wrap cam belt system
RCMS modified oil pump to suit R-Profile belt
WRC S10 inlet manifold
RCMS eight injector kit
RCMS 72mm throttle body
RCMS 5.5 litre alloy sump
WRC short runner exhaust manifold
Garret GT 35-40 turbo with speed sensor
K&N air filter with RCMS 100mm inlet trumpet
RCMS high flow intercooler with twin tube core
70mm stainless steel intercooler pipe work


M800 Motec ECU with traction control,nitrous control,anti-lag
paddle shift control,and full engine management control and data login
Motec dash with data login
Defi gauges for turbo,oil,fuel pressure


FIA carbon kevlar Recaro seats
FIA Sabelt 6-point harness


R180 STi rear axle 3.9:1 cwp and plated Modena LSD differential
GKN rally drive shafts front and rear
Torque line carbon fibre propshaft
Six speed subaru gearbox casing modified for sequential housing
Six speed Modena gear kit
Subaru 3.9:1 front cwp
RCMS sequential system
RCMS paddle shift system
Plated centre diff with 1:1 uprated output Modena gears
Plated front Modena differential

Fuel System

FIA spec 26 litre rubber/kevlar bag tank in aluminium cover
Twin Bosch fuel pumps (200 litre per pump)
-8 Goodrich fuel feed pipe
-6 Goodrich fuel return pipe
-6 fuel cooler with cooling fan on return
RCMS 8 injector distribution block
2x SX fuel regulators running at 4 bar static pressure


WRC spec EXE-TC fully adjustable dampers
High and low speed bump + rebound adjustment
STi Rose jointed rear lateral links
STi Rose jointed rear trailing links
EXE-TC bottom rose jointed upright bushes
STi alloy front arms (polished)
STi quick-steer steering rack


WRC roller bearing single piece steering column
Momo suede steering wheel
NX full wet system
121bs carbon bottle with heater jacket
High flow shark nozzle
Motec auto control or driver manual system
Adjustable from +35bhp to +400bhp


RCMS spec triple plate alloy cover OS Giken clutch and flywheel
RCMS hydraulic light pressure system
Quick release dry brake fluid connection


AP 355mm six pot front (track and road use)
AP 304mm four pot front (drag strip use)
AP 290mm four pot rear with floating discs
RCMS hydraulic carbon handbrake
-3 stainless steel goodrich pipe work and fittings


Road/Track use 19×8 forged alloy 1 piece rims
Drag strip use 15×8 spun alloy 3 piece rims

First 24: Impreza Build

21 Dec

Stop Leaks

23 Oct

The ‘classic’ shape Impreza, those 93-01 cars that started the global Subaru craze, are great cars that are affordable, and easy to mod. But let’s face it, they are still old cars. They’ve sometimes lived hard lives and every now and then, need maintenance. In our continuing effort to help keep these awesome cars alive, we’re happy to now offer our latest Master Gasket Kit – the Valvecover Master Gasket Kit.

Take the guesswork out of doing new gaskets with our master kit. As the RS’s have aged, the valvecover gaskets are notorious for developing leaks, and that makes for a messy engine bay, loss of oil, and general inefficiency.

These are the OEM gaskets, by the manufacturer who makes them for Subaru – just much less expensive. Go ahead, call your dealer, and price out all the components we include and see for yourself!

These kits are VERY year specific, as valvecovers differ. Please use the guide below to decide which kit is correct, or if you have a question, give us a call, as kits are not returnable.

For the DOHC cars, kit includes both valvecover gaskets (left and right), spark plug well gaskets, all the valvecover grommet bolt seals, and the 1/2 moon seals. These are very production date specific as Subaru used different valvecovers during their production run.

If you have a DOHC 2.5 liter Impreza/Legacy, how do you ensure you order the right kit? You can verify it 1 of 2 ways. Via the engine production #, or via production date. Production date is the easiest, as the date (month/year) can be found in a tag in the driver side door. Please write the production date (month/year) in the comments section when ordering.

2.2 Liter DOHC Kits include both valve cover gaskets (left and right), and the valvecover sealing washers. Optionally, we also offer the kit with the spark plug seals as well as noted below.

For the 1999 + SOHC cars, your kit will include both valvecover gaskets (left and right) and the valvecover sealing washers. Optionally, we also offer the kit with the spark plug seals as well as cam seals as noted below. Fits 2.2 and 2.5 liter SOHC cars.

Picture shown is a general picture for illustrative purposes, but contents will be as described above for the specified year car

Groceries Not Included

7 Sep

If I had this, I would not detest food shopping as much as I do – holy cow this is sweet!

It’s so cool to see people treating the older GC chassis Impreza’s well, and continuing to modify them, and change them up with unique part combinations.

Gone too Far

26 Aug

As inconic as the original GC chassis Impreza is in the Japanese car world, Subaru got it all sorts of wrong, at least exterior wise. It was a rare beast, even rarer than the 22B, with just 300 produced, and broke the Japanese imposed 280 hp barrier (I’ve seen claims of 300-320 hp, though not sure which is accurate)

Turned Out

12 Aug

Sitting pretty IMHO

Hanging Out

13 Jul

M Sports Japan amazing GC8 Drift Machine!

This aero kit is available for purchase by the way, if interested, let us know!

Taking it Back

16 Dec

For you Stern show fans, you’ll appreciate that this car “….still holds up”. I first saw this car at T.A.S. back many years ago. One of my favorites. The kit is super aggressive, but it still looks fresh today. Posting it up because a customer just asked us to price out some of the components shown, and another local guy just picked up his coilovers for his GC8 coupe project (which is going to be a beast!)

Wide Load

15 Jul

Just got these pics from a long time client in France. He’s been through alot of project cars, and always does them up fully. This one is no different, but a bit older than usual.

EJ257 engine, JDM 6 speed – he is still contemplating which turbo to go with.

Mediterannean Goodness

30 May

I got these pics a while ago from George, a customer of ours in Greece. He contacted us on a search for a specific JDM spec 5Zigen exhaust that is not normally available in the US. We arranged for the exhaust to be sent right from 5Zigen Japan to his door, and he was able to get back on the road. I’ve got a special place in my heart for the GC chassis STi’s – brings back alot of great memories.

George wrote: “Thanks Adam. The exhaust fits perfect. I had the same exhaust on my car from back in the year 2000. The muffler wrecked after 8 years, so I ordered a 5Zigen pro racer exhaust from 5Zigen Greece as I couldnt find the cannonball again. The circumference in the muffler and the two silences, yes it has two silences, was heaps smaller than the cannonball one and I lost performance even though they advertise the pro racer as a better performer. Not in my case nor my logic. With the pro racer, the car didnt pull or boost as high as it did with the cannonball either. It was then that I found you guys and enquired as I wanted to find the cannonball again. It is exactly the same as my old cannonball and fits perfect.”

New ACT Clutches for 93-05 WRX

29 May


LANCASTER, CA May 28, 2009
ACT RACE CLUTCH KIT (4 PUCK) SB3-XTR4 646 ft/lbs 64%
ACT RACE CLUTCH KIT (6 PUCK) SB3-XTR6 646 ft/lbs 64%
ACT clutches deliver the maximum holding power by applying a series of sound engineering advancements to new (not rebuilt) components which maximizes load and reduces flex. The result is maximum torque
capacity, long life and clean, fast shifting. ACT is a premier clutch manufacturer that has more than 300 different applications and more than 500 performance clutch kits. The company’s product line features
clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the sport compact, domestic and truck market.

ACT is headquartered in Lancaster, California.
All ACT Pressure Plates and discs for the Subaru WRX are SFI Certified. Kits include a new release bearing.

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has released a new Xtreme performance clutch kit and components for
the 02 – 05 Subaru WRX.

ACT’s new clutch kit for the WRX features an Xtreme Pressure Plate that incorporates hardened diaphragm fingers for decreased wear and provides a 64% increase in clamp force over the stock unit. The ACT Street Clutch Kit combines the Xtreme Pressure Plate and a Performance Organic Street Disc, a disc that features special performance organic friction materials to withstand increased heat and abuse, steel backed linings for high burst strength and modifications engineered for quicker shifting. The ACT Street Clutch Kit provides increased pedal feel, smooth engagement and significantly improved consistency, durability and increased torque capacity to 505 ft. lbs.
ACT Race Clutch Kits will hold 646 ft. lbs. of torque. Metallic Ceramic Xtreme Discs are available in 4 and 6 puck sprung and un-sprung hub designs and are very durable while allowing for quick shifting. The Xtreme Discs are designed for high power engines and are recommended for track use only.

Contact us to purchase yours, we will have them very soon!

Norwegian GC8

10 Oct

Stewart, a customer of ours from Norway, sent us some pictures of his black Subaru GC8. Very tastefully modded and VERY clean. Who doesn’t love Work Cr Kais?

In any case we just set him up with a new set of wheels so hopefully we’ll be posting up some updated pictures with his new wheels installed in a future post.