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Gussied Up Hawkeye

30 Dec





New Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear for Subaru’s

16 Nov

Click the PDF link below for full details and contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours. MSRP is $190 each + shipping, but of course, we’re doing deals!!


Transmission Member Bushings WRX/STi

7 Feb

Developed to perform under the most extreme conditions, our Urethane Components bridge the gap between ordinary rubber and cheap plastics used in current aftermarket shifter bushings by offering a unique urethane specifically chosen by Torque Solution engineers to ensure product performance and reliability while drastically reducing shifter end play allowing for crisper, more precise shifts. All this makes it easy for us to stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.

• Improved 60fts / e.t’s
• Installs in under 30 Minutes in your garage
• Eliminates excessive Shifter play
• Solid feeling gear changes
• Street and track torture tested
• 75A durometer polyurethane
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA

To order, contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com

First 24: Impreza Build

21 Dec

Twin Scroll (Subaru Content!)

8 Nov

For years people have tried to get their hands on the elusive factory twin scroll manifold/turbo setup for their WRX and STi. Tomioka Racing heard the cries, and now has released a complete setup, under $2500, that is totally complete!

Comes with a USDM spec downpipe, equal length twin scroll manifold with up-pipe and a 20G turbo! Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours

In Color Part III – Subaru!

23 Aug

Can’t leave the Scooby guys out!

Once again, each set is made of genuine 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium. They are stronger than Grade 8 stainless hardware, and their gorgeous finish won’t fade away over time.

Colors available are: Blue, Gold, Green, Polished, Purple, and Black.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order or visit:


Also available for the 03-08 Legacy as well

New Plug and Play AEM ECU For your STi

14 Aug

AEM’s Series 2 Plug and Play Engine Management System (EMS) is a full user-programmable standalone engine control module, allowing a you to unlock the full potential of your Subaru while unlocking features previously only available professional tuners. Installing an AEM Series 2 EMS is simple, it plugs directly into the stock wiring harness in place of your factory ECU module. The AEM Series 2 AEMTuner Windows-based software makes tuning, injector scaling, and sensor calibration a simple process. User-Defined templates make tuning the AEM Series 2 even simpler, as you can establish quick keys to speed up the tuning process. While professional tuning is highly recommended, the Series 2 EMS does include a variety of base maps to get you running and ready to tune in no time. The Series 2 EMS for the 04-06 Subaru STI allows you to control every aspect of your EJ25 from cam control to rev limit, timing, bigger injectors, boost control, nitrous injection, and even individual cylinder fuel and timing trims. There is even an anti-lag tuning capability built in specifically for drag racers. Professional tuners will appreciate the ease of use and security features on AEMTuner, the interface software for all Series 2 EMS systems. When combined with the AEM UEGO wideband (sold separately), the AEM EMS also features the unique capability to auto-tune fuel curves. The AEM Series 2 EMS combines the features and options that you can only get with full stand alone engine management designed for enthusiasts that demand professional results.

NEW EMS Series 2 Features:
Direct replacement for factory ECU-No additional wiring or hardware necessary, installs in minutes and uses all the factory sensors
1MB Internal Data Logging
CAN bus/Drive by Wire Equipped
Anti-Lag/Flat Foot Shifting Enabled
8 Injector Ouputs
6 Coil Outputs
Start-up calibration (base map) included
Individual Cylinder Ignition & Fuel Trims
All channels/maps/tuning options unlocked
Optional Sensors (sold below) available for additional real time logging/tuning
Subaru STI 2004-2006 – special deal on the 2005-2006 version!

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com or (631)863-3820 for best pricing!

Cosworth Low Temperature Thermostat

9 Aug

High performance racing engines require upgraded and improved cooling systems for maximum reliability. One important component of the upgraded cooling system is a thermostat that opens to allow coolant passage through the engine and cooling system at reduced temperature compared to the original equipment thermostat. Reducing the temperature by approximately 10 to 15C compared with that of a standard thermostat, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat improves coolant circulation through the engine by starting the process earlier than the original equipment thermostat.
Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostats are engineered with the optimum temperature range in mind for high performance racing use as it is very easy to over cool the engine by either removing the thermostat completely or using a thermostat that is not designed for the specific application. Additionally, over cooling can cause engine damage by preventing critical engine components from reaching their ideal operating temperature, altering the required clearances for safe operation. Another important feature of Cosworth LowTemp Thermostats is the ability to precisely control the flow of coolant when the valve opens. Unstable temperatures and even temperature fluctuation can cause severe engine damage and make it difficult to properly tune or calibrate the engine.
When combined with a correctly sized radiator and other high quality cooling system components, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat will help to safely maximize engine performance by controlling the engine temperature at an optimum level.

Carbon Synchro Kit for 2004-2006 STi

27 May

The GD series STi 6 speed transmission was a god-send vs the previous 5 speed. But, Subaru still left room for improvement. In mid 2006,they changed the synchro design to a carbon based one, which offers significantly increased strength vs the earlier versions. These deal with heat much better, making it a great upgrade for the road race guys.

We can offer a full package that changes all the 1-6 synchros to the updated type. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for details.

Tomioka 16G, 18G and 20G Turbo Upgrades for Subaru’s!

11 Feb

TR complete bolt-on turbo kits are ideal for wide range of tuning from stock engines to those which have had upgraded internals.

Using experiences on the track and feedback from other tuners, TR development in turbo technology has allowed us to provide turbo kit solutions for users who require smooth power delivery for the street and enjoyable sport driving. These kits have been designed to offer a boost in power without sacrificing the response found in stock turbos and provide extra performance and without additional cost.

The kit contains extension pipe, oil hoses, water lines and gaskets to bolt on to a standard car with no other necessary parts

Offered in 16G, 18G and 20G configurations

Contact us to order! Prices start at just $925 delivered!

M7 Japan M7 Hyper Sound Blow Off Valve Type GT-7

19 Jan

Hyper Sound Blow Off Valve Type GT-7 employs the Dual Drive System. The purpose of Dual Drive System is to relieve compressor surge without reducing compressor speed.The funnel and body with ribs employs high quality aluminum die-cast to ensured heat dissipation radiation. Creates a sharp sound by adopting the Venturi effect.The M7 blow off valve not only improves performance and response, but also increases the life of the turbocharger.

Currently available in Universal, GTR R35, Impreza WRX/STI GDB/GRB and Evolution 7-9 CT9A specific kits.

HKS Kansai Diffuser Group Buy Part I – Subaru!

8 Dec

We’ve been asked by a few members in recent weeks to conduct a group buy on genuine HKS Kansai rear diffusers for the WRX and STi. We are going to have both the 02-07 and the 2008 + cars represented in the group buy.

For the 2002-2007 guys, there are 2 basic types. The first comes with the exhaust cutout already predone, for those running stock mufflers, or similar oval type setups (Perrin, Apexi Worldsport, Tanabe Touring Medallion, etc). Some mufflers may need some minor dremeling for full clearance, but nothing that would be any big deal to do. The other type has no cutout at all, and this is best suited for those running any type of angled exhaust, exhausts with particularly large piping (APS 3.5 inch for example), and similar setups. This will allow you to trim the diffuser as you need to suit your particular setup. Again, the trimming is not difficult, and can be done with a dremel and cutoff wheel attachment, some masking tape. Each of the above types come in your choice of Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass (unpainted). Please note, that 200-2007 owners will need the additional fitting kit, and that is reflected in the pricing shown. Prices below [color=red]include[/color] shipping in the 48 states. For any location outside of the US, contact us with your full, complete address and we can look up the costs.

Group Buy Pricing:

HKS Kansai FRP Diffuser 2002-2005 WRX/STI – $849 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $825.00)
HKS Kansai Carbon Diffuser 2002-2005 WRX/STi – $979 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $950.00)
HKS Kansai FRP Diffuser 2006-2007 WRX/STi – $909 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $882.00)
HKS Kansai Carbon Diffuser 2006-2007 WRX/STi – $1039 shipped in the 48 states (cash/money order price is $1008.00)

add $64 to the above prices for Canada

For the 2008 + WRX/STi, the diffuser is carbon and priced at $979 shipped in the 48 states. Add $64 to Canada (cash/money order price is $950.00)

The Group Buy will close on 12/30/2010. Arrival to the states will be mid to late February 2011, and we will ship right away with tracking emailed. We need 5 people to make this happen (any combination of the above, just 5 total people), and I’d like to cap it at 15 people max, just to avoid any issues.

Payment can be made via credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Any questions, let us know!

Z1 Performance

Moonface Racing Folding Tow Hooks Now Available in New Colors

24 Oct

Available for these cars:

Z33(nismo). Z34(nismo), R35, V35, V36, AP1/AP2, CZ4A, GDB, GRB, SE3P, NCEC

Available in these colors:


Contact us for pricing and availability!

HKS Titanium Racing Exhaust Systems Now Available!

24 Sep

HKS has just introduced their new Titanium Racing lineup for several cars. These systems all feature large diameter stainless piping mated to a lightweight Titanium Muffler. These are designed for maximum flow, minimum weight and great affordability.

Current applications are as follows:

Evo VII-Evo IX
WRX/STi (2002-2007)
Toyota Supra (1993-1998)

We have a few available now so contact us for details

Properly Mounted

25 Nov

Just click the pics to order yours!

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the Cusco mounts which are damn near impossible to find now (unless we air them from Japan), these are the ones for you!

We have now addedthe Beatrush line to our product offerings. Among their most popular parts are these awesome engine mounts for the 2002-2009 WRX/STi, and their 6 speed (STi only) transmission mount