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Snapshot in the Family Album

10 Apr


Rosso Trentesette

28 May


Good way to kill an hour

14 Apr

Bored at work? Wife dragged you shopping? Bored at your kids little league game? Then you’ll want to watch this

Madness on Wheels

1 Apr

Too bad it’s not on in the US but awesome trailer anyway

Bellissimo Animale

31 May

I love all things rare – and it doesn’t get much rarer than this!

The Lancia 037 was one of the Group B rally cars from the early/mid 80’s. The Group B setup was essentially a no holds barred setup that had to be based on a “production” vehicle. Production is in quotes intentionally, as there only had to be 200 models made in order to qualify.

These cars features a mid engine layout, with the 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine mounted longitudinally. The head featured 4 valves per cylinder,with early versions being carb’d, and later versions switching to fuel injection. The big power came by way of a Volumex supercharger. Group B had no restrictions on boost levels, so sky was tne limit in competition trim. Street cars left the factory with power ranging between 265 and 325 hp depending on the year they were made. Later versions even included water injection from the factory – pretty trick stuff considering when the car was made. Amazing car with a great history in rally – even more amazing that it was rear wheel drive! I wish modern rally was as good as it was in the 80’s and even early to mid 90’s. It’s just not the same anymore