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9 Jun


NISMO’s GT3 GTR at the legendary Monza course in Italy


Quintessentially 80’s

27 Mar

This might be the cleanest RA65 Celica known to man. Ironically, a GT notchback just like this was my first car, except it was black/silver. Mine was an ’84 GT-S though, so it had plastic covers over the flip around headlights. I wish I had pictures of it – it was among the cleanest used cars I have ever seen.

Top Secret Japan R35 GT-R Product Line

3 Oct

Contact us if you are a GT-R owner and you see something here that you would like to purchase.


My Current Wallpaper

18 Jun

… which also happens to be the picture source for the header photo at the top our blog in case anyone was wondering.

No explanation needed...

Handling Business

25 Mar

I just like this picture. That's it.

AMS R35 Breaks into the 9s…

23 Mar

Pretty Nasty…

Tochigi Prefecture Highway Patrol Vehicles

13 Jan

Can you really go wrong with any of them?

I saw someone make mention on my350z.com about Jay Bryan posting on the Tochigi Prefecture’s NISMO Z33 back in December of ’07 on his old “Dropjay” blog but he has since taken it down so I do not know how much of this material is repetitive.

I apologize if it’s redundant but this is the first time I’ve seen real pictures of these vehicles.

Survey Sayssss………. NO BUENO!

6 Oct


Sorry Shino and Dom, your companies’ high-end seats and top of the line brakes are not enough to save this vehicle from its inevitable demise.

Proof that a laundry list of high-end top dollar parts will not necessarily equate to a dope ride…

Pictures Courtesy of my350z.com

AMS GT-R R35 goes 10.48 @ 134.30

13 Aug

Damn, thats fast for a somewhat tame sounding car.

I spy SP1s…

8 Aug

…I think. I suck because I can’t find another picture of this car, oh well. I still like this picture enough to post it.


NEW Mines R35 Parts

8 Aug

Tommy Kaira’d out Mignight Purple R33 V-Spec

3 Aug

Look at those aggressive gold CEs.

This car is the fucking Catilina wine mixer!!!


R35 GTR Spec-V = Carbon Fiber Frenzy!!!

7 Jul

DAYUM!!! Nissan wasn’t being stingy at all with the carbon on this car. Carbon IN the interior, ON the exterior and ALL OVER the brakes! I love it!

This color is hot as hell too!

White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.

All White Affair…

26 May

I effed up last night. It was late. I don’t know why I wrote Celica. I just looked at this picture again and realized that it’s two Skylines and a Fairlady. My bad guys.