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More GT Spec BBQ Pics

19 Oct

Mark uploaded the ones he shot – thanks again for hosting it, had fun!

click here for the gallery

GT Spec Fall BBQ 10-17-2009

18 Oct

Pics courtesy of k20z1 – nice pics! The weather was more mid December than mid October…cold, and cloudy. But it was a fun time, and a nice turnout. Tony, those burgers were sweet – luck was with him too as he won a bunch of the raffle stuff. One guy went home with a Carbonetics LSD. Not bad for a $10 ticket! I even managed to win a raffle (yes, I paid for a ticket!) – Work lugs 😉 Which they are now packaging with a sweet Work Plate too – great for shows, etc. I of course forgot my camera! There were a bunch of RX7’s too that hopefully I can find some pics of. Not too often you see FD’s that actually run here on the east coast, and some of the ones here were making BIG power! There was also a nice older 911 that hopefully I can find a pic of…it sounded good too when it pulled away.

GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

19 Feb


GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

GT Spec Aluminum Underpanel 2008 + STi

This is an awesome new product we’re expecting soon! 

This is a unique design that features additional side panels, unlike any other on the market. Also features an access hole for the drain plug, as well as a removable aluminum door for the oil filter – so you don’t have to deal with removing the panel at every oil change like on some other brands!
Measures 3mm thick, so it is nice and sturdy and is a direct bolt on.

Now accepting preorders for mid to late April 2009 arrival! Just Click the image to purchase yours!