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Weekend of Racing

29 May

This weekend was an enthusiasts dream here in North America, with the Indy 500, Monaco GP and Coca Cola 600 races all taking place.

But in Spain, some of the best racing of the year took place in the FIA GT Championship in Navarra, Spain

Preview of the Race:

Weekend Race Roundup:

the full race is online as well, but for some reason the FIA blocks viewing of it in the US. If anyone has a link, let us know

Race Car vs Street Car

1 May

It’s a Family Affair

11 Sep



11 Aug

We just got some pictures back from a good customer of ours after the recent installation of the Zeal coilovers we sent out to him for his Z33. Evidently he could help but to include one of his good buddies in the photoshoot and I can’t say that I mind.

Clean Zebra

12 Jun

This car belongs to member GTS-R over on 6speed

I am liking the overall result

As he wrote: “It has been a long process, but over the past 2.5 years I have been slowly modifying my RS. I most recently had the Cup wing with the carbon gurney lip sent to me by BR Racing. They also supplied the decals for the wing which I wanted made to mimic the presentation Cup car. The rear emblem was made in a black/red scheme similar to the RSR. BR Racing was great to work with and delivered a product as good as I could have expected.

My other mods include:
PMNA carbon front fenders with wickers installed by Kerrigan Smith at Synergy Racing. I cannot speak highly enough of both Kerrigan and Synergy Racing.
Cargraphic front grill screens
DAS bar
997 GT3 seats
Cup splitter
RS98 wheels
Schroth harnesses
Cargraphic exhaust tips
PMNA wickers
WEVO mounts
PMNA rear brake ducts”

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

12 Jun


Long days, warm weather…and the event I wait all year for – LeMans! One of these years, we gotta go. I’ve been dreaming of it for as long as I can remember. If you’re bored at work today and want to listen to some practice sessions and some classic racers taking the track today for the historics, check out Radio LeMans and click on the “Listen Live” button at the top left. Coverage on Speed TV is tomorrow through Sunday.

Quick update as I just found this – if you’ve got Sirius/XM and you’re out driving around this weekend, the race is being broadcast there as well.

Saturday, June 13:
8 am ET: Pre-Race coverage Ch. 126 & SIR-11
9 am ET: 24 Hours of Le Mans begins Ch. 126 & SIR-11

Sunday, June 14:
9 am ET: 24 Hours of Le Mans ends Ch. 126 & SIR-11
9 am – 10 am ET: Post-Race coverage Ch. 126 & SIR-11

Design Innovations: Carbon Fiber Rollcage

7 Feb

Was glancing through a couple month old issue of a Porsche magazine I get, and was re-introduced to this neat concept from Oakley Design (UK).  Working with Airbus, they now offer a true carbon fiber cage for Porsche owners.   It meets full TUV standards, and is currently going through the approval process for FIA.   Apparantly they use some sort of anti-splinter process to ensure the cage does not shatter into shards if it is subject to an impact.  Weighs just over 24 lbs complete.  The same cage made of steel is 120 lbs according to Oakley.  Neat stuff indeed!

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

Oakley Design Carbon Cage (as installed in their GT2) - pic courtesy of Evo Magazine

Dreams Fulfilled Here: Manthey Racing

25 Jan


I’m a Porsche-phile, I admit it.  I’ve never owned one, but one day, I hope to.  No other car I can think of has had as much success in worldwide motorsport.  Since I never can seem to leave a car stock,  part of what makes Porsche such a desirable marque to me, is the range of tuners worldwide that specialize in turning them from excellent to exceptional.  Manthey Racing is one such firm.  While they are not as well known to the mass public as Gembella, Techart, or RUF, they represent among the pinnacle in Porsche tuning. 

Manthey Racing began in 1996, as the brainchild of Olaf Manthey.  He began his racing career in a variety of sports sedans and coupes including Ford, BMW, Mercedes and Rover.  While campaigning his race cars on the weekends,  he still kept his day job as a truck driver during the week!  In 1990, he was asked to run for a private team in the Porsche Carrera Cup.  He’s commented that he actually was not impressed with the 911 initially, as he found it insanely tail happy, and it simply would not do what he asked it to.  However, racing was in his blood, and this team was literally begging for him to run the car for them.  He continued in his stint for the privateer team through the season, honing his skills on the 911, eventually taking home the Carrera Cup Championship that year.  He had continued success in the next several years, and in doing so, caught the eye of Mercedes DTM team.  In 1992, he was offered a factory drive position as well as being the technical manager for the team as well.  The truck driver was now a full fledged race car driver, and the rest is the stuff dreams are made of.   The DTM ride lasted for a few years, at which point he decided it was time to strike out on his own.  Manthey Racing was formed in 1996, to prepare cars for the Carrera Cup Series.  Success continued for the Manthey group, culminating with an outright victory at the Nurburging 24 Hour Race in 2006, 2007 and 2008 in their GT3.    They are the only team in the event’s history to win 3 years in a row.  Not too shabby for a former truck driver!  It’s worth mentioning that 2006 was his 25th attempt at victory at this event, including his efforts as a privateer, and driver for other outfits.  Admirable determination to say the least!

As their racing success continued to grow, customer demand grew.  He was now being asked to not only prepare race cars, but street cars as well.  The Manthey approach is more focused than many other tuners out there, especially in the Porsche he world.    Nowadays, it’s very shiek to say that your modifications were honed at the Nurburgring.  For Manthey, the ‘Ring is literally their backyard – it represents far more than just a fancy sticker and a few laps through the forest circuit.  They simply do not believe in modifying something that will not improve the overall performance of the car.  One small example of this is the 997 GT3.  This is the first 911 that Porsche developed with ‘zero lift’.  As such, Manthey feels there is no point in them allocating time and resources towards aero modifications.  Instead, they have focused their efforts on taking the experience they have honed with the Cup Car program, and making it available to all their customers, even those with standard street cars.  Huge effort was spent on weight reduction and weight distribution with the 97 GT3.  So Manthey’s program includes Forged Magnesium wheels, titanium exhaust (50 lbs lighter than stock), and full KW suspension.  Other options include carbon doors, and rear and side windows made of Makrolon.  Narrowly focused mods, by obsessive compulsive gearheads – very cool stuff. 

Hope you enjoy some of these cool Manthey projects, and make sure you check out the in-car video from the ‘Ring.

Rare Stuff Part 2

21 Dec

Next up is another Porsche, this one a bit more attainable (and one of my personal favorites of all time).  This clean 996 GT3 RS was never officially sold in the US.  Featured a naturally aspirated version of the famous 962 and GT1 cars.  While this is a street car, designed for track days and such, the racing versions dominated at LeMans, and throughout the FIA GT3 class during the years it raced.  Quite a pedigree!  Yours for a cool $100,000US.

I have a bunch of cool videos saved on my computer with 996 GT3 RS’s racing at various tracks.  If you guys are interested, let me know and I’ll post them!

J.N.Hephaiss GT3

24 Nov

Their motto when you visit the website is “God Lives in the Details” – a phrase I truly can appreciate.  Preach on!

Leave it to the Japanese to take an inconic car like the 996 GT3 and turn into something even more exclusive

Video of it in action?  No problem!  Gotta love the Top Gun esque music too

Just a quick thought…

3 Oct

Who knew painted factory wheels could look soo good? I don’t want to see this become trite but a few more manufacturers need to offer this as a factory option on certain performance cars.

Seriously, from this:

**By the way this is still gorgeous, I’m not saying it isn’t**

Factory 997 GT3

Factory 997 GT3

To these lovely examples:

*Above Picture Courtesy of 6speedonline.