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FALLing Prices on Select Toyo Tires!!!!

22 Sep

We’ve got sweet deals going for Fall on some Toyo tires

Prices include shipping in the 48 states – for any locations outside the 48 states, we’ll need your full, complete address (not just the city, country or postal code please)

All are offered first come, first served.

205-55-15 – 1 set left $599 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
205-55-16 – 1 set left $615 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
225-55-16 – 1 set left $689 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-40-17 – 2 sets left $840 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-45-17 – 1 set left $855 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-35-17 – 3 sets left $817 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
225-40-18 – 1 set left $915 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
225-45-18 – 1 set left $995 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-30-18 – 1 set left $982 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-45-18 – 1 set left $982 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-40-18 – 1 set left $1020 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-45-18 – 1 set left $1124 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-45-19 – 4 sets left $1294 shipped for the set of 4!!!!

225-50-16 – $569 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
235-40-17 – $589 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
245-40-17 – $710 shipped for the set of 4!!!!

205-40-17 – $599 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
225-40-18 – $957 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
305-35-18 – $1175 shipped for the set of 4!!!!

195-55-15 – $599 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
205-40-17 – $729 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
215-45-17 – $729 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
295-30-19 – just 2 tires left!!!! $710 shipped for the pair
GTR 285-35-18 front, 315-30-20 rear – $1799 shipped for the set of 4!!!!
Porsche 225-40-18 front, 285-30-18 rear – $1198 shipped for the set of 4!!!! Just 2 sets left
Porsche 225-40-18 front, 295-30-18 rear – $1198 shipped for the set of 4!!!! Just 1 set left

To order, just give us a call @(631)863-3820, or email z1sales@z1auto.com


New HPI Calsonic R32 GTR R/C Car Available!

10 Feb

The chassis is a marvel in space efficiency, packing in features rarely found on small scale RC cars. High tech electronics are used to combine the 2.4GHz receiver and the fully proportional electronic speed control into a compact single control unit. A dedicated SH-34 steering servo delivers precise proportional steering for realistic steering and handling. All of the electronics are sandwiched securely in the chassis, but they can be individually removed for maintenance or performance upgrades.
For stable handling the RS32 uses a proven T-bar rear suspension and a reliable gear differential on the rear axle, perfect for maneuvering the tight turns found on indoor race tracks. Up front is a swing-arm suspension with adjustments for spring rate and suspension travel. The molded rubber tires deliver high grip and long tire life on surfaces ranging from concrete to wood to short-pile carpet.

Topping it all off is a super scale reproduction of the legendary #1 Calsonic sponsored Nissan Skyline R32 from the 1991 JTC series. The body has incredible details normally only found on the finest scale models. It’s all there: mirrors, light buckets, rear wing, tinted windows, rear window defroster, windshield wipers. And of course, the shape, colors, and decals are all spot-on and fully licensed by Nissan. Ultra realistic RC at its finest, from HPI Racing!

RS32 features:
– 2.4GHz radio set for excellent reception, eliminates the need for radio crystals
– TF-21 transmitter with steering dual rate, steering trim, throttle trim, and servo reversing
– Fully proportional electronic speed control with reverse
– SH-34 fully proportional steering servo
– Servo saver to protect the steering servo
– Highly detailed molded body shell with paint and decals applied- 4.8V 150mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack included
– Direct-drive for high efficiency and simplicity
– Rear wheel drive for realistic handling
– C32 Quick Charger included for easy charging
– ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the car
– Adjustable front suspension travel and front spring rate
– Swing-arm front suspension and T-bar rear suspension for high grip
– Long life molded rubber tires (medium compound front, soft compound rear)
– Gear differential for low maintenance
– Snap on body for quick body changes
– Adjustable gear ratio to optimize performance to track conditions
– Tool kit included for easy maintenance

Total length: 141.8mm (5.5 inches)
Total width: 56.6mm
Total height: 42mm
Wheelbase: 81.5mm
Weight fully equipped: 100g

Equipment Needed
12 AA batteries (6 for the radio and 6 for the charger)

Click to order yours! Just $179

Godzilla Sighting!

23 Jun

Some pics from a Malaysian meeting of Skyline owners posted from my350z – sweet!

R35 GTR Engines for Sale – UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

18 Jun

UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

If you’re looking for one to drop into that 510, 350Z, or whatever else you have up your sleeve, let us know. We have a bunch available for sale. Can be had with or without turbos.

UPDATE – Sorry, these are all sold out and we do not have any more available

Road Presence

25 Apr

Uh…yeah, just a wee bit! For sale over at Bingo Sports. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

The CLK GTR. One of AMG/Mercedes most amazing creations. This car was designed and built for one purpose – to race. The car was homologized for road use in extremely limited #’s (25 total), and it dominated the FIA GT Championship. I’m sure alot of you guys have seen the infamous videos of the race going versions flipping at LeMans in ’99 (twice!). Here was one of the crashes

And a neat mini-documentary on the development of this amazing machine

Part 1

Part 2

Cobb Silicone Intercooler Hoses R35 GTR

17 Dec

Brand new from Cobb

Available in Blue or Black

Click here to order yours!!


21 Nov

GTR vs Truck – Aftermath

18 Sep

A 370Z customer of ours from down under sent us over some pictures of a meeting between a truck and a poor GTR. No bueno.

Hopefully everyone involved was ok, and the owner is back to enjoying is awesome machine soon!


6 Sep

It’s wild, the colors are vibrant and very ‘look at me’. It’s so not me – but screw all that, this car just speaks to me!

It’s the automotive equivalent of the Oreo – it’s just perfect in every way.

MSpeed is where fast cars go to get faster. They are well known among those of us who’s idea of a great day is a stack full of Option, Carboy, Revpseed and a fresh box of Pocky sticks. This car is hard – plain and simple. Built for a purpose (and it does just that – lapping Tsukuba in 54:48. The level of detail is stunning. Anyone know if this is still the R34 record holder for Tsukuba?

I spy SP1s…

8 Aug

…I think. I suck because I can’t find another picture of this car, oh well. I still like this picture enough to post it.


NEW Mines R35 Parts

8 Aug

The Rat Pack

8 Jun

One more photo of the clean old-school cars I posted a few days back

Rat Pack

White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.


25 May

GTR R35 GT1…

CBRD Products Now Available!!

1 Feb


I’ve know Chad Block, the “CB” in CBRD, for a few years now.  Chad’s had the fortune of competing in motorsports on a world stage.  He’s run for the legendary Dyson crew, won at the 12 Hours of Sebring, driven in the 24 Hours of Daytona – the list goes on an on.   The man knows quality parts and construction when he sees it, and that’s something we have in common.

A few years ago, Chad decided to take his passion for motorsports, and performance cars, and turn it into a business.  C.B.R.D Speedfactory was founded to offer top quality service, installation and tuning, for popular performance cars. 

Late last year, Chad contacted us about some new products he was working on, and we were very excited to learn of the developments.  We’re now proud to offer these awesome products for your car!  These are not just “me too” products.  The offerings are specifically designed, engineered, and built here in the US, and the pricing is very affordable.  These are designed for guys who want the right stuff, the first time, and who don’t want to be stuck on a Saturday evening wondering why the part they received doesn’t fit, or doesn’t look as good in real life as it did in pictures.   

Two of the most compelling products are the new BBK Bolt On Turbo for the Evo, and the CBRD Aluminum Radiators for the Evo and WRX/STi.

The BBK Turbo is Chad’s answer to the ever popular bolt on upgrade for the Lancer Evolution.  This turbo starts out as a new Evo IX unit, and then the compressor and exhaust sides are thoroughly reworked.  The net result is a turbo that has it all.  Great spool, fat midrange, and doesn’t taper off up top.  If you’re looking for a great, stealth, bolt on turbo for your Evo, this is it!  We can also offer this as a rebuild option for those with existing Evo IX turbo’s – contact us for details!

Here’s a nice video showing the production of the BBK Turbo

CBRD also does some awesome, hand made aluminum radiators for the Evo’s as well as the 2002-2007 WRX/STi.   These are the same cores used throughout various forms of motorsports, including IRL and ALMS, are all TIG welded, and offer direct fitment, reduced weight, and improved cooling efficiency (up to 35%!) vs their stock counterparts.  Check out their unit for the Evo….you can just see the quality with your own eyes.

We’ve already added a bunch of these parts to the site, and more are on the way.  Chad’s recently begun work developing parts for the R35 GTR, and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated right here!

In the meantime, if we can help you with any of these awesome parts, just drop us a line.  By the way, CBRD also sells ultra clean performance cars, so if you or someone you know is in the market for a safe, reliable source for your dream car, check their site out and give ’em a shout at www.cbrdspeedfactory.com.

Z1 Performance
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