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Spoiler Alert

13 Nov

APR offers a wide range of aerodyncamically proven, intelligently designed GT style wings for a wide variety of cars. Whether for track or street, their spoilers are CAD designed, produced here in the USA, and come with everything needed for installation. They also come in a variety of heights and widths, to suit any car out there

Some recent examples:

The GT500 series

APR GT500 Spoiler

The GT300 is a bit narrower and a bit lower, as shown on an FD RX7

The GT200 is lower still and a popular choice for street and drag race guys

APR GT200 Rear Spoiler

They even offer an optional Gurney Flap, which certainly looks cool, but adds significant downforce with minimal drag. Made of carbon and conforms perfectly to the GT200/300/500 spoilers

APR Carbon Gurney Flap

Click any of the pictures for more information, pricing, etc. Don’t forget to ask about our special discount programs available for those of you competing in NASA, SCCA, etc.