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Haltech Takes Wideband Air Fuel to the Next Level

10 Jan
Haltech CAN Wideband Controller - Click for Info

Haltech CAN Wideband Controller – Click for Info

Click the first picture for pricing info!

The newest wideband innovation from Haltech comes in the form of this CAN based network controller. Designed to be a simple plug and play to the Haltech Platinum series ecu’s, this takes wideband to the next level. First, because it’s designed around the Platinum series on a CAN network, should your sensor(s) experience any sort of error code while operating, the ecu can be programmed to change from closed to open loop instantly. In addition, the new controller offers faster processing time when compared to the previous black box controller, and a much broader sensor range. The previous controller was able to run from 10:1-20:1 air fuel ratios, whereas the new controller sensor range is 7.2:1-24.5:1 ratios. Both single and dual channel controllers are still manually adjustable for free air calibration as well!

Available as a single channel or dual controller (both include Bosch sensor(s), with optional display gauge (black bezel, red illumination). Both include all wiring, weldable 02 bungs, etc. Single channel display shows 1 channel, dual channel display shows both channels simultaneously. Unlike the other Haltech controller (black box), the dual channel controller must use both sensors. You can’t add the other channel down the road


Full Range of Haltech Accessories Now Added

27 Sep

Finally got around to adding all the various Haltech knick-knacks to the website. From replacement wideband 02 sensors, to extension harnesses, MAP sensors, boost control solenoids, etc, they are now available for purchase right from our site. Click here and scroll down to “Haltech” in the online menu

Adam’s Build: Progress with Racepak Dash

17 Jun

Thanks to Tim at Racepak, we were able to make some good progress on the road towards finalizing integration of the Racepak IQ3 into my Z earlier this week. As far as I know, I’m the first to fully replace the factory cluster with an IQ3, or any other standalone dash, on a street car. It hasn’t been all that easy, but I’ve learned a whlole bunch, both about the car, and the dash itself. The functionality of the dash is great and it gives me tons of display options, and a wealth of data, all right in front of me without the clutter of aftermarket gauges. With the latest software uploaded to the cluster, I am now able to track mileage with a fully functioning odometer, and can even chart gear position in real time. Love it!

note: key was just powered on, car wasn’t running when I shot the above pic with my phone…so ignore the AFR ūüėČ

Adam’s Project Z33: Racepak Dash Installed

3 Oct



It’s done! I think we’re probably the to fully replace the factory cluster with an aftermarket unit on a street driven Z, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I’ve always lusted after these all in one units from the time I first saw a Stack meter, but they had always been so expensive. Plus, being universal pieces, there was always a mess of wiring to go through. When Racepak announced this affordable unit earlier in the year, I just had to jump on it. The The Racepak IQ3 is a bargain in my opinion, especially considering it comes with the VNet cable to plug right into the Haltech ecu (which used to be over $350 itself).

Of course the install was not without it’s hurdles – but what on the car this year hasn’t been a biotch! We discovered a major hurdle a few weeks back. Apparantly Nissan in their infinite wisdom decided that the alternator should not work if the factory cluster is unplugged. Ask me how I found out! Thanfully I was able to limp it back to the shop. I turned to some buddies who race their Z for help. They are running a Bosch Motorsport cluster on their race car, so I had a feeling they had enountered this same scenario before. After working out the various wiring issues last weekend, today I finally sat down with the software and handled the programming side of things. As of now I have the dash setup to display RPM, Air Inlet Temperature, MPH, Wideband AFR, Water Temperature. The software is pretty slick. I tried snapping some screen shot pics for you guys to look at, but it;s not easy capturing it with a camera, so forgive the low quality pics. Once connected, it lets you select what parameters to display, and what scale to display them on. It also lets you select where you want to display the data on the screen. There are 4 pages total of data it will let you display. To turn the page, you either need to have the laptop connected, or you can purchase optional switches. Since my car is NA, for right now, I am doing without the switches. Should I need to access the other data pages, I’ll do it with the laptop. I left the serial cable connected to the back of the unit, and stashed it up under the dash, so connecting it to the laptop is quick and easy. Since this is primarily a street car, I have the standard display unit. There is also a version of this cluster that has full datalogging capabilities, for those doing more serious track duty. Anything I do need to log, I can do via the Haltech anyway.


To have a real fuel level gauge, there is a separate module that you need to purchase and configure. However, I am fairly confident I can at least get it to display “Miles to Empty” as I believe this info is streamed on the CAN network. I need to get with Racepak and/or Haltech this week and figure out how to access that data though.

This would not have been possible without the awesome work of my buddy Dave from Performance Outfitters Group and Rich from NoHotWireRacingI’m glad I know you guys, otherwise I would not have been able to get this done!

Racepak Dash Project Continues – Dave Serves up the Booyah

25 Jul

A few months ago I posted about the new Racepak IQ3 cluster I picked up here . Dave, our friend and stereo installer to the stars, just sent me over some pics of the progress he has made on my Racepak. He knows me and my tastes, and as such, this is Ivory clean. I’ll post up some more pics when it’s all done.

Adam’s Z33 Project Update

30 May

Had a little while to get some work done on my car today. Because we are temporarily disabling the drive by wire as part of the ongoing ITB project, I sent the ecu out to Injected to have it flashed so I can avoid any annoying CEL’s. When it came time to bolt the ecu back into place, I realized that I had accidentally sold the stock ecu bracket to the guy that purchased my UTEC! No big deal though, a quick email down to Jim at Turbo Toys and a new one was on it’s way to me. If you are ever in need of a part for your Z or Supra, Jim is the man to talk to – tons of stock, fair prices and he ships quickly.

new530b 001

With the ecu bracket in hand, I was able to bolt it back into place and put the passenger side interior panels back in. Sure beats having the stuff just hanging out on the floor. I really wish they would have developed some sort of bracket for the Haltech though. It’s a fairly big box, and what’s more, the harness that it takes is really bulky. It all fits in there, but it would be alot cleaner if they had some sort of hardware included.

new530b 002

new530b 003

Much cleaner now! The 2 wires on the bottom are the USB for the laptop, and the connector for the Racepak dash which will soon be occupying this space:

new530b 004

I sent my existing cluster/housing and the Racepak up to our stereo guru in Connecticut, Dave at Performance Outfitters Group to work his magic. I can’t wait till this chapter of the car is done and I can driver her again with the new additions!

BTW, I apologize for the blurry pics!

Project Z33 Continues

4 Feb

Some more new stuff arrived today for my car.¬† Thank god there is snow on the ground – gives me time to get all this stuff operational!¬† This new toy is going to be a bit of a chore to install and setup exactly like I want it, but I’m really looking forward to the final result.

I posted about this about a month or so ago.¬† It really is an amazing piece of equipment and the potential is simply awesome.¬† Since my car is used primarily for street, I opted for the standard display only model.¬† There is another version that datalogs, and it’s possibilities are nearly limitless.¬† You could moniter shock travel, clutch slip, etc etc.¬† But that’s a bit over the top for my needs, so this will do.¬† This will connect to my Haltech 350Z Platinum ecu via the supplied plug and play cable, and I will set it up to display rpm, speed, fuel level, afr, oil temperature, coolant temp, and odometer.¬† However, through the CAN network, it can pass through all sorts of info such as fuel pressure, fuel trim, TPS – basically anything that is part of the OBD2!¬† Really slick piece, and at $700, it sure beats having a ton of different gauges scattered throughout the car.¬†¬†¬† Next thing to do is getting it to my installer guru Dave, so he can¬†fabricate me a proper housing to make this thing look like it came with the car!

Year End 350Z/G35 Haltech Blow Out Sale!!!

2 Dec

We’re a bit overstocked and need to make room, so from now till end of the year, we’re doing insane deals on the Haltech Platinum for the 350Z/G35!



For those not familiar with what this awesome piece of equipment does, here are the specs!

 End User Tunable (not locked like some EMS on the market)

¬∑ Sequential Fuel and Ignition Control (32×32)

¬∑ Cylinder Trim Tables for each injector and ignition coil (8×8)

¬∑ Complete Intake and Exhaust Cam Control (03-05‚Äô Intake Cam control only) (24×24)

· Configurable Load and RPM points for all tuning tables

· Tuning via MAF, TPS, or MAP

· Fuel tuning by Volumetric Efficiency (VE) or Injection Time (MS)

· Map Trace

· Knock Detection

· Open/Closed Loop Boost Control

· Dual Closed Loop 02 Control

· Onboard Data Logging

· USB Communication (no outdated Serial cable required)

¬∑ New Windows Tuning Software, ‚ÄėHaltech ECU Manager‚Äô

· 32Bit Microprocessor, 55MHz

· Plug and Play Loom

· Auxiliary two-step rev limiter

· User Configurable Inputs and Outputs (coming soon in a free software update)

· Nitrous and Meth Injection Control (coming soon in a free software update)

· Knock Control (coming soon in a free software update)


Contact us for best possible pricing!

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

22 Nov


Just got these in and they are hot!! For all you Haltech E8, EV12, and Platinum users, this is what I’d call a “must have”. Racepak and Haltech have now teamed up to make a plug and play configurable dash solution. All the cool features you have come to expect from Racetech, but in a more cost effective package.

This comes in 2 versions – one with datalogging and one without

The IQ3 dash represents an entirely new concept in data logging dashes. This uses Racepak’s exclusive smart sensor type, that means that only one small cable will transmit the data from all the sensors to the rear of the dash. For the customer, this means no bulky, heavy sensor wiring harness. All sensors transmit their data through a single cable (Vnet) which is routed to the rear of the dash. This eliminates the need for a sensor harness, greatly reducing installation time, complexity and overall weight.

The programmable shift lights are protected from sunlight by a molded shield above the lights, while the low glare LCD display is well recessed in the housing in order to provide viewing in all light conditions.

Haltech IQ3 Features:
– 32 Channels
– Programmable Shift Lights
– Programmable Warning Lights With On Screen Warning
– 24 Programmable Sensor Inputs On 4 Pages
– Programmable Channel Names
– Gear Indicator
– Predictive Lap Time
– Includes Software and Installation Manual
– Metric / Imperial Configurable
– Haltech CAN Communication Module built in ($375 Value!)
Priced at $695 SHIPPED!
Datalogging option:

All features from display-only IQ3 plus:
-512mb microSD memory card
-Data logging up to 32 channels at 100 samples per second
-GPS track mapping, speed, and lap times (no beacon required!)
-3 Axis G Meter Priced at $1440 Shipped!

To order your IQ3, Haltech ECU, or if you need a combo setup, let us know! ‘Tis the season and we’re making deals!