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Sounds Like the Future

18 Oct

Next year the V6 Turbos will be on the grid in Formula 1, and it’s a move that had many fans concerned. If you’ve never been to an F1 race, it’s hard to grasp how important the audible component is to the series. Sure, the cars sound amazing as the V8’s wail away at ungodly rpms when you watch it on tv. But in person, you feel the sound. They pop, snort, and sing, and your brain craves in every measure of it.

Honda has now released sound clips of their new V6 Turbo. They will be supplying these to McLaren (perhaps others?) a year after the changeover. While you don’t get the physical sensation from the video, the sound itself is the sweetest V6 I’ve ever heard.

Courtesy of NBCSports

Here is a clip of the 2014 Mercedes V6 Turbo F1 engine:

And lastly, the 2014 Renault power plant:


El Capitan

30 Jun


This is what the Spanish settlers called this famous mountain in the Colorado Rockies. Standing just over 14,000 feet, it’s one of the tallest mountains in the US, as well as being a national landmark. And since the early 1900’s, it’s been home to one of the most heart pumping races in all of motorsport.

The Race to the Clouds as it’s come to be known, used to be run on a course that was paved in some parts, and unpaved gravel in others. The cojones it takes to run here are massive; big heavy brass ones. In 2011, the road was fully paved. However that doesn’t make it all that “safe”. The course measures just over 14 miles long, and rises 4700 feet during its 156 turns. Between the hairy turns, the normal mechanical attricion rate, combined with the effects the altitude has on anything with a fuel burning engine, it’s always a blast to watch

This year we may see some new course records broken – to tune into the live feed, Racecar Engineering magazine has the event live streaming on their site.

Here’s the live feed link: http://www.racecar-engineering.com/articles/features/test-page/

While you’re at it, if you’ve never seen the famous short film Climb Dance, it’s most certainly worth a watch.

I Like Your Purple NSX it’s Very Purple-ey

3 Apr

Actually Camellia Red Pearl by Backyard Special….not a great name for a tuning house but they make exceptionally nice stuff nevertheless.


Thou Shall Not Covet…..

26 Jan


Toda’s ITB Equipped Honda 3.2 liter V6

Greddy Evo 3 Exhausts are Here!

28 Jun

The newest Greddy Exhaust, the Evo 3, is now available for the 2006-2009 Civic Si Coupe.

Features 70mm piping, with the signature bullet Evo muffler, and a 4 inch tip. Full stainless construction, and mandrel bent tubes ensure great fit and finish, and the smoothest possible flow. If you want an exhaust with a nice, deep sound, but that is still neighbor/wife/girlfriend-friendly, this is a great choice.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to get yours!

Clutchmasters Combos Now Featured

21 Jun

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable performance clutch for your car, check out Competition Clutch. We’ve got specials going on right now for all sorts of cars. Order a clutch and flywheel combo, and get free shipping! Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for your setup

Braid Wheels – Classic Series

10 Jan

There is a very obvious renaissance going on with older cars nowadays. Lots of people are re-discovering that old imports are very, very cool cars to mod. Whether your doing a period correct version, or a resto-mod blending modern with classic, you need a cool set of wheels to really finish it. For all those out there with a classic Datsun, Mazda, Toyota, Mini, Lotus, Ford, you name it – we got ya covered!

Braid’s Classic Series are an example of their ever expanding lineup. Unlike many modern brands, Braid hasn’t forgotten the classic cars. The combination of size/offset/width/color is literally whatever you can dream up. These come in sizes ranging from 13 inch to 15 inch, and widths ranging from 4.5 inch to 15 inch.

Standard color is white, gloss black, satin black, gold, silver, red, anthracite, etc,. Custom colors are available. (+$30). Serie 1 RC and Serie 2 RC can be made with machined spoke face, (+$12). Machining is standard for gold finish. Standard rim finish is anodised silver. Rims can also be polished (+$10), or painted (inner +$10, outer +$15).

Screws can be finished any standard color (+$12), hidden or semi-hidden with some exceptions.

Except for Serie 4 RC, all Classic wheels are available with or without center caps without extra charge except Serie 4 RC wheels which are made with Blind Centres. This means they don’t have a through hole but a BRAID sticker in the solid centre.

Standard offset range -100 to +100. All wheels are made hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts

Any questions you have, let us know! email z1sales@z1auto.com or call (631)863-3820

Moonface Racing Folding Tow Hooks Now Available in New Colors

24 Oct

Available for these cars:

Z33(nismo). Z34(nismo), R35, V35, V36, AP1/AP2, CZ4A, GDB, GRB, SE3P, NCEC

Available in these colors:


Contact us for pricing and availability!

Fiji@ the Harbor

9 Sep

Just some quick shots of Jonathan’s ’06 Si at a local spot. Not to shabby for 66k miles (and counting!). You should see his engine bay…it’s as clean as it was when new!

Aging Gracefully…

18 Jun

A pristine NSx on Meisters

Tochigi Prefecture Highway Patrol Vehicles

13 Jan

Can you really go wrong with any of them?

I saw someone make mention on my350z.com about Jay Bryan posting on the Tochigi Prefecture’s NISMO Z33 back in December of ’07 on his old “Dropjay” blog but he has since taken it down so I do not know how much of this material is repetitive.

I apologize if it’s redundant but this is the first time I’ve seen real pictures of these vehicles.

American Honda’s Secret Automobile Stash…

5 Jan

Hmm... What do I feel like driving down to the deli today? 😉

I was catching up on my reading and I came across this interesting article in this past Sunday’s edition of  The New York Times about American Honda’s secret warehouse full of “sampling[s] of models important to the company’s United States history.” I for one knew nothing about this and I think it’s cool as hell that the Times did an article on it.

Here is the direct link to the article:
Honda’s Cache, Private for Now

AMERICAN HONDA does not have a corporate museum in the United States — not officially, anyway.

But there is a carefully considered collection of Hondas tucked away in a warehouse a few blocks from the company’s headquarters here.

The trove came to light several years ago when officials from the Rose Parade — Honda is a longtime sponsor of the New Year’s Day tradition in Pasadena — were invited to view a few of the more interesting models in the warehouse. A Honda executive from Japan wound up joining the tour of the collection.

Its cover was blown.

The collection was started by a former executive of American Honda, Tom Elliott, who had put aside a sampling of models important to the company’s United States history, said John Mendel.

“The problem was, we kept turning up more and more significant models that we couldn’t let go of,” said Mr. Mendel, who succeeded Mr. Elliott as American Honda’s executive vice president for sales. “We just kept parking them in this warehouse. We kept expanding the warehouse. Pretty soon, we just ran out of room.”

The collection has grown to several dozen vehicles, including Honda racecars from the IndyCar series, a selection of motorcycles and, more recently, early examples of a Honda-made generator and an outboard motor. At least that’s what Honda will admit to, although many more vehicles could be seen in storage farther back in the building when an informal lunch for journalists was held there.

While the collection is not open to the public — there is not even a sign on the building — the space is used for company meetings and events. The dream of someday being able to showcase these vehicles is at least a year or two away from becoming reality. One of the questions that American Honda officials will face at that point is which vehicles to display.

Certainly they’ll reserve a place of honor for the Honda 50, or Super Cub, a spindly motorcycle powered by a 50 cc engine. That was the first vehicle Honda marketed in the United States, soon after it incorporated in 1959 and established American headquarters on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. (A replica of that storefront has been created in the collection’s warehouse space.)

The Super Cub is still being produced; Honda says that 60 million Cubs have been produced, making it the best-selling vehicle of all time.

The Cub was followed by bikes like the dual-purpose 250 Scrambler, famous for tackling the Baja California peninsula of Mexico. And of course there would be a spot for the original 4-cylinder CB750, which helped establish Japan’s credibility as a maker of modern superbikes.

“A lot of people don’t remember that Honda was first a motorcycle company,” Mr. Mendel said. “Cars didn’t come along until sometime later.”

The collection includes an N600, the first Honda car sold in the United States, arriving in Hawaii in 1969 and on the mainland a year later. Americans didn’t warm to the tiny dimensions and wimpy 599 cc engine of the N600, but the car has still earned a place in the company’s holdings.

“The N600 started it all,” Mr. Mendel said. “It was full of innovative ideas that were applied to later models.”

It wasn’t until 1973 that Honda car sales took off, when the first Civic was introduced. Since then there have been many best-sellers, as Honda has grown to become one of the world’s premier automobile manufacturers.

“It will be easy to know which of the early models to include,” Mr. Mendel said. “But there will be a lot of discussion about which of the later models should be in there.

“Everybody has a favorite,” he added. “Unfortunately, there won’t be room for all of them.”

Some things I will just NEVER understand…

19 Aug


There are times when I think to myself, maybe I just have a boring personality. Maybe I’m just not very receptive to change, more so than the average person. I see new things all the time that eventually become trends that I just sit back from afar and say “What the f*** are they thinking by doing that?” Perhaps I’m just getting old… or perhaps I’ll just never understand Civic drivers 😉

Someone please feel free to explain to me WHY someone would do this to a nice set of wheels? This car would look pretty nice sans the ridiculous stickers.

I’d also like to know what is cool about driving around on public roads without a hood?

Photos courtesy of 8thcivic.

Cusco Zero 2E now available for Honda S2000

16 Jul

Let us know if you’d like to purchase a set for your (or someone you know) AP1 or AP2. Hit us up for best pricing!!!


Toda Racing Spec ’02 Honda NSX for sale at Global Auto

30 Jan

Nothing but the hotness…