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Hot, Loud, Raw, and Red

7 May

California dreaming……

HRE Launches their New Flowform Series Wheels

15 Nov

HRE has announced a new series called Flowform, which combines the legendary quality the brand has become known for, with a lower entry price (under $3000 a set)

The first HRE FlowForm model is inspired by the latest P40SC in ready-to-mount sizes for specific makes and models. The wheels are engineered and tested to the same standards of HRE’s forged products, and carry TUV certification for sale in Europe and JWL/VIA certification for sale in Japan.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com




14 Apr

Courtesy of HRE Wheels


CF40 & CF43… an HRE and Dymag Collabo

16 Apr

Thought I’d share for those who haven’t seen these yet, I’m sure some/most have…

Maserati Granturismo

7 Nov

I’m on a Maserati kick today. Pininfarina did it again with the Granturismo, this car is gorgeous.

While browsing 6speedonline I found a couple pictures of two different Granturismo’s fitted with 20″ HRE wheels. Perhaps a little mundane compared to the content you are used to seeing here but you still have to appreciate the sheer beauty of the design of these cars. With that in mind it doesn’t hurt to see a couple of examples fitted with aftermarket wheels.