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All good things must come to an end…

9 Sep


So Marty is currently parting out his G35 show car (still keeping the car, just toning it down) and I thought it deserved some love on the blog.

This is defintely one of my favorite G35s period. This car has so much done to it but its still really really clean (peep the R35 GT-R door handles).

Let’s have a moment of silence…

Hawk Performance Brake Pads for G35 Sport, G37, G37 Sport, and 370Z!!!

10 Feb

Hawk has just released their brake pads for the Infiniti G35 Sport, G37, G37 Sport and 370Z.  Hawk is one of our most popular brake lines as they combine a wide range of compounds, exceptional performance, and affordability.

Performance Ceramic – The performance ceramic is the perfect street pad – good stopping power hot or cold, very low dust and low noise. A great economical performance pad.

The HPS is a Ferro-Carbon blended material, and offers increased performance vs. conventional stock pads, with higher fade resistance. These have lower dust vs stock pads, and are well suited for sports driving (not for track use).  Our most popular compound.

The HP+ is Hawks dual duty pad. These pads offer increased coefficient of friction vs the HPS compound, and are well suited for street driving as well as club track days and HPDE’s. While not a full out race pad, they do offer a substantial improvement in fade resistance vs the HPS, though they are a fair amount dustier, and can exhibit some noise when cold. This is the ideal pad for those who don’t want to have to worry about running separate pads for high performance street and track use.

To order yours, just click the Hawk logo below, and scan down to your model!