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Bring Back Victory by Design

8 Dec

Mr. de Cadenet, we miss you!

Chris Harris is the only one who comes close in my eyes, but these specials, shown on Speedvision (remember that name!?), went fairly in depth, and offered a unique perspective and insight

my personal favorite, because I love the pig car….





And Then, The Brits

16 Jun

Some of the more interesting cars from across the pond






System Forged + E92 M3

11 Jul

A gorgeous combo! This particular setup is 20×9 and 20×11 System Forged Mesh 10-1. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for all your System Forged custom wheel packages, no matter what car you’ve got! From Audi to BMW, to Nissan to Porsche, if you dream it, it can be built. Special deals for the entire month of July!

All the Curves in the Right Places

17 Sep


Does it get any better?  Just listen the the orchestra of 12 cylinders firing harmoniously.  This is a tangiable expression of passion in design.

I was sent this the other day by the folks at Alfred Dunhill UK to share with you guys, as Jaguar prepares the launch of the C-X75.

ALMS @ Limerock

9 Jul

Weather was absolutely perfect. The way these guys run an event should be emulated throughout motorsports. One price for all, gets you all the races for the day, all access to the pits, etc.









More Good Driving Music

13 Sep

Just re-discovered this song after watching the video on for the Belgium Grand Prix. I’ve mentioned these videos before on the blog, and seriously, if you like F1, these are a must see. The editing and song selection is just awesome.

This is just one of those great driving songs, IMHO. These guys are so under-appreciated, are well liked in Europe, never really caught on here (save for an awesome song “High” on the “Can’t Hardly Wait” soundtrack)

Check out the video from the 2006 Reading Festival – that crowd is just huge!