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JDM Lineage

11 May

Courtesy of @7Tune

Bride + Cusco, a JDM Marriage

4 Apr

Bride and Cusco have teamed up to produce some limited versions of a few popular Bride seats. Construction and specs are the same as the Bride variants, these just come wtih the added Cusco logo.

So far, initial offerings include the Vios III, Euro II and Euro II Cruz, Digo and Digo Type R, Zeta III (including carbon and XL versions) and Stradia Sport.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for pricing. These are expected sometime during the second quarter 2013.

Come and Play….

21 Mar


INGS equipped Z33 patiently waiting its turn in the pits

Time to Get Strapped in

7 Mar
OMP seats and steering wheel inside Steve's 350Z

OMP seats and steering wheel inside Steve’s 350Z

Steve from down south sent up this picture of just some of the goodies he’s gotten from us for his Z. Not only is this his track weapon of choice in the Southeast region, it’s also his daily driver.

Swing Time

1 Mar


Garage Hirota’s RWD GC Impreza getting it on…

Tomei Titanium Exhaust and Y Pipe 350Z

29 Jan
Tomei Titanium Exhaust 350Z

Tomei Titanium Exhaust 350Z

After nearly 2 years since we first brought you the information, this exhaust and a new Y pipe are available for purchase.

Cusco Supercharger Kit for BRZ/FR-S/FT86

22 Jan

Not many details yet, but it’s coming down the pikecuscosuperchargerbrzfrs

The kit is Australian based, and offered under a few brand names depending on where in the world you are

Stay tuned

Voltex Overfender Kit for S2000

14 Dec


Voltex has just released their overfender kit for the S2000. Made of durable hand laid FRP, these add 25mm over tire clearing goodness to your roadster. Just $390 a pair + shipping. Interested in a set? Give us a shout at z1sales@z1auto.com

Universal Fender Molding Kit Part II

11 Dec

Chaser 20mm

Some additional pictures of the Urethane Fender Mole Kits that we featured last week

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours!

JDM Universal Fender Trim Kit

30 Nov

Fender moldingFREE_100-10mm-SUNPOU-500FREE_200-7mm-SUNPOU-500FREE_300-20mm-SUNPOU-500Fendermoles001Fendermoles012Fendermoles009Fendermoles008Fendermoles010Fendermoles011

These unique, universal urethane fender mole kits are sold in pairs, and come in your choice of 7mm, 10mm and 20mm widths (excluding the protective lip that resides underneath the fenders). Installation is simple, using a combination of supplied 3M tape and self tapping screws. The beautiful thing is they can be painted to match your car, and being made of urethane, they are highly flexing, and can be cut to length to suit your particular application.

Prices start at just $165 per pair. Free shipping when 2 or more pair are purchased at the same time!

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours.

New Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear for Subaru’s

16 Nov

Click the PDF link below for full details and contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours. MSRP is $190 each + shipping, but of course, we’re doing deals!!


Mom Jeans Strictly Prohibited

7 Nov

When the Forester came out, it was a New England mom’s dream. Now they could join the Subaru party and ditch the Chrysler minivan they had to endure in the past. But let’s face it, the Forester wasn’t much of a looker.

Then Subaru dropped in the Turbo 2.5 engine, and suddenly, some ears perked up. Now the car had a bit more of an edge. Some Hyde to go with the Jekyll. But the vehicle was largely lost in the wake of the WRX and STi. Of course we never got the cooler STi Foresters sold in Japan.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So for those who wanted to Zig rather than Zag, people have began taking these Foresters and doing some cool things with them. Subaru’s are the VW’s of Japan – virtually everything swaps into everything else more or less.

While certainly not common to mod, this represents an awesome canvas for someone who wants a great platform to build on, has a budget in mind, and doesn’t want to go tearing into a brand new car. But, wants to maintain reliability, interior space, and the safety and performance benefits of AWD.

Mo’ Orange

6 Nov

Back in 2009 posted a couple pics of a certain orange NSX https://cornerbalance.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/orange-crush-installed/

Same car shown here, at a track day – absolutely, one of the best examples of an NSX out there, and a car who’s design clearly has aged well!


7 Oct

A clean FC in an unlikely color….pulling it off wonderfully

New Booty

22 Sep

Garage Mak has been hard at work developing new aero for the 350Z. Interesting rear bumper, but what I really dig is that ducktail spoiler