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“People Still Do That?”

6 Oct
75 Degrees and snowing?  C'mon now

75 Degrees and snowing? C'mon now

So Jon and I went to the Streetwheelz show this weekend at the Beach. By the way they spell the show name, you know it’s going to pale in comparison to JCCS, Sevenstock, or any of the cool west coast shows that have been going on lately.

Someone help this dude out…..plllleeeeaaaasssse! You’ve got a respectable car (‘Speed 6 I think), and I’m sure you love your car, but c’mon….this ain’t ’95 anymore. And even in ’95, this was as lame as lame gets. Jon and I turned to each other in unison, and said “people still DO that”? Then when Kwame and I were talking about the show, I mentioned the fake snow in October, and he said the same thing! Makes a good blog title I think

I’ll post up some more of the respectable cars later on (there were a few, even though the show was really small)