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Stunning Silouette

3 Feb

One of these most beautiful race cars ever, and one of the cleanest, most identifiable liveries ever created.


Race cars today may be faster, and more reliable, and certainly safer….but they seem to lack the character the older cars had. Then again, as we get older, all we seemingly want is to see the things we remember from our youth, with the benefit of the the perspective only age can bring. Anyway, enjoy.

We’ll return to JDM content too, but with Porsche returning the LeMans this year, there is so much history to cover, it’s worthy of attention.


Snakes on an Apex

17 Nov



Bass Mouthed Mofo

16 Nov



Black and White

5 Sep


Time to Attack

3 Aug

Dodge (err, SRT) has a longstanding history of limited run Vipers than take the sultry beast from standard to track day. From the ACR coupes of the past, to the GTS-R, these have all turned the never-tame snake from bruiser to near race car status. The trend now continues with the new SRT Viper T/A. Looking like its ready for a GT class race right out of the showroom. It’s one of their best looks to date IMHO.

The math: a bit portly at 3348 lbs, but then the 8.4 liter V10 will easily propel it rapidly. 640 hp, 600 ft/lbs of torque. Only 33 produced.


Blurred Lines

31 Jul

The history associated with the Silver Arrows of days past, most notably those with the SL moniker, is undeniable. These cars came on the scene in 1954 and set the world ablaze. My opinion is that this is the car that singlehandedly set the bar for what a true GT car is all about. The classic ’54 Gullwing is what every GT hopes to achieve when it’s launched. Sultry good looks, built for speed, with enough performance and comfort to suit the gentleman driver during his commute, and the racer on the weekend. It’s a theme well represented in the modern era by a variety of manufacturers. From Aston to Jaguar, Audi to Infiniti – all offer their interpretation of the GT coupe.

Often times, a beautiful street car does not translate into a beautiful race car. With the SLS, I think Mercedes has done what often is elusive: created a race car that is more beautiful than it’s road going sibling. It’s simply stunning. Well proportioned, sounds the business, and goes like stink. A true world class GT race car.


Moment in Time

21 Jul


Time Capsule

11 Jul

Today marks the start of the historic Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK. Weather reports look unusually sunny, and warm…no rain in sight!

Will try to find some good content from people we know attending the event through the weekend, but for the time being, soak this in

One of my favorites – the legendary 917

Birds Eye View

24 Jun



Pics by P. Geudon

Fix a Wrecked Ferrari in 26 Seconds

21 Jun

Needs some “Flight of the Bumblee” in the background

Steve McQueen Tribute Event

14 Jun


Seems like an awesome place to be tomorrow – hopefully some great pics will be posted as a result

GT40: Prototype

8 Jun

The original prototype GT40



One of One

12 May

gtr-lmTo the best of my knowledge, Nissan only made 1 of these (someone correct me if that’s inaccurate)


Hips Don’t Lie

5 May



13 Apr

Love the cow livery. Courtesy of