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28 Mar



17 Mar

Stunning in silver with the Martini liver


Gran Turismo Omologato

14 Feb

One of Mazda’s 1990 LeMans entry


Excessively Cool

3 Feb

Whether you have kids or not; whether you’re a Porsche nut or not; this is an impossibly cool idea, with a ridiculous price tag to match. Then again, Hammacher Schlemmer isn’t known for anything having to do with cost-effective. Over the top is their signature.

It’s a FULL SIZE 917 Race car replica, that is hinged to reveal a slot car track that evokes a likeness to a certain track. The #20 car pays homage to the one driven by Steve McQueen in that epic racing movie “Le Mans”. It’s a working slot car track with a variety of life-like sceneary such as the Esso Oil Drop Man near the Ford chicane, the Marchal sign on the famous three-level grandstand over pit row, the Martini barn, and the unmistakable Dunlop “tire” bridge. 12 included limited-edition slot cars, including the dominant racing models from 1970-1971, painted in authentic period livery: a Porsche 917, Ferrari 512 Coda Lunga, and Lola T70. Plugs right into your wall outlet too!

Price….$125 grand. Not a typo.

Track Ready

30 Sep

Endless brakes looking very much at home on a Porsche

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Road and Track’s 10 Most Infamous Crashes in LeMans History

24 Jun

Cool post


The Mercedes CLR GT1’s are simply amazing to watch (unfortunately). For Webber to have lived through 2 separate flips at precisely this same spot, and then, for Mercedes to STILL let their other 2 cars actually start the race, is insane. How the car managed to launch that high in the air, flip over and over, and still land on it’s tires, is even more amazing. But, with so much money put into the development and attendance of such a race, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. And of course, the race-flip was the worst of the bunch, with the car literally launching into the trees. I remember watching it when it happened. Jaw dropping

For the Nissan Faithful

26 Aug

Green With Envy

28 Jun

(This pic is BIG!)

I know it’s not the latest and greatest from Aston, but you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful race car than the DBR9. Stunning

Porsche @ Goodwood

21 Jun

Every year the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place in the UK at the end of June. It takes place on one of Englands most famed estates and features an eclectic mix of people and cars from around the world. This years theme revolves around “Racing Revolutions – Quantum Leaps that Shaped Motorsport”. Porsche is no stranger to that, and as such, will bring several unique models from their racing history. One such iconic car is the 961, the LeMans going version of the iconic 959 car originally developed for the Paris Dakar Rally. Motorsport has always been a proving ground for top tier manufacturers, and Porsche used this race to continue development of their twin turbo, flat six engine. It finished 7th overall, as well as winning it’s class. Not too shabby. If any of you guys are going to this years festival, let us know – would love to feature some of your pictures and impressions, to be shared with those of us not fortunate enough to be there.

Live LeMans Stream

11 Jun

If you’re stuck at work, or not near a tv this weekend, check this link out for a live feed for the LeMans 24 Hr Race. Other places have it too, but below is the world feed from EuroSport. Tends to be the best overall coverage IMHO.


If you’re stuck in a car all weekend and have Sirius or XM, they have it broadcast as well. Channel 94 on Sirius, 208 on XM

Before My Time

9 Jun

This must have been an epic battle to witness as a car nut. Imagine if the technology of today could somehow intersect with the rivalry of yesterday? This was a few years past the legendary Ford vs Ferrari days though if memory serves this was the last year of the “running start”.

History Lesson

9 Jun

This is over 30 years old but this old girl could still give modern race cars a run for their money

JDM @ LeMans

13 Jun

We’ve had a thing for SW20 MR2’s lately, and since LeMans was this weekend, what better chance than to showcase Sard’s MC8-R project from 1995. This car competed at LeMans, wearing a Lexus V8 -I believe twin turbocharged.

24 Hour of Nurburgring, Monaco, and more

15 May

Another year gone by and we’re smack in the middle of probably the best weekend for the true motorsport enthusiast. If you’re looking to chill out and relax tonight, grab a beer, turn the lights out, and watch the 24 Hours of Nurburgring Live Stream

For audio commentary, the best one out there is

Road Presence

25 Apr

Uh…yeah, just a wee bit! For sale over at Bingo Sports. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

The CLK GTR. One of AMG/Mercedes most amazing creations. This car was designed and built for one purpose – to race. The car was homologized for road use in extremely limited #’s (25 total), and it dominated the FIA GT Championship. I’m sure alot of you guys have seen the infamous videos of the race going versions flipping at LeMans in ’99 (twice!). Here was one of the crashes

And a neat mini-documentary on the development of this amazing machine

Part 1

Part 2