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For Kwame

9 Sep

Since I know he likes these so much

This body style has aged well.



Lexus IS-F Racing Concept… Does the “F” stand for Forza?

18 Aug


I know it doesn’t but seriously this car looks very cartoonish from some angles. So I figured why bother posting the angles I don’t like? The down side is that I am only left with three decent photos  of which two are basically the same. Oh well, without further ado…

Arios IS-F Kit

2 Feb

I guess the stormtropper look is the confirmed new trend?

Job Design SC430

20 Jan

I’d mess around with this car during the summer…

Some Clean Cars…

15 Dec

I thought I would share some pictures of some clean cars that attended the ClubLexus Christmas Meet recently. These are some of my favorites:

ClubLexus Chistmas Meet Pictures

Greentec Kumho IS350

14 Dec

Yup, I’m posting another set, lol……

16 Nov

Two things you’re sure to get a lot of pics of on this blog are Zs and BBS LMs, lol. Pretty ironic that neither my Z nor do neither one of Adam’s sport BBS LMs.

Yet I digress, another Lex showing whats up…


Clean IS-F

14 Nov

I like everything on this IS-F, except for the wheels. I personally wouldn’t put such a tame wheel on such an otherwise aggressive looking car, but thats me. I still thought this car was blog worthy.

V.I.P. SC430……. on LMs :)

28 Oct

Eh, I just wanted to showcase another car with BBS’ wheels 🙂

SC430 on BBS LMs

SC430 on BBS LMs

Don’t Sleep…

21 Aug

Thought I’d post up pictures of Ray’s 2001 Lexus GS300. Ray is a new customer of ours from a new local board that we have recently begun sponsoring (www.tristatevip.com). Ray is a big fan of the VIP look but don’t sleep on him, he’s got some go under the hood.

The build is still a work in progress but so far hes running an XSPower Turbo Kit, Tein SS coilovers, Staggered 20″ Maya STM wheels, a Custom magnaflow exhaust and a Supra TT BBK. I know hes got some more things in the works for the very near future. You really can’t be mad at the wheel flushness that is synonymous with the VIP look.