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Bring Back Victory by Design

8 Dec

Mr. de Cadenet, we miss you!

Chris Harris is the only one who comes close in my eyes, but these specials, shown on Speedvision (remember that name!?), went fairly in depth, and offered a unique perspective and insight

my personal favorite, because I love the pig car….





Una Bella Rinascita

5 Nov


Kimi, Where Are You?

22 Aug

Conspicuously absent at Spa. Lotus posted this lighthearted screenshot to egg it on



The Old in and Out

26 Jul


And Then, The Brits

16 Jun

Some of the more interesting cars from across the pond






320whp and Counting

17 Oct

Vision Functions Lotus undergoing E85 tuning. Where will it end up power wise?


Lotus Evora GT – Oh My, Yes Please

26 Aug

The new 2012 spec car is a thing of beauty

Very jealous of that V6 too – one of only 2 V6 models running (Porsche being the other) but runs with the V8’s of the Vette, Ferrari’s, et. al. They are still off pace but development continues on a privateer level.

Scary Crash

26 May

Braid Wheels – Classic Series

10 Jan

There is a very obvious renaissance going on with older cars nowadays. Lots of people are re-discovering that old imports are very, very cool cars to mod. Whether your doing a period correct version, or a resto-mod blending modern with classic, you need a cool set of wheels to really finish it. For all those out there with a classic Datsun, Mazda, Toyota, Mini, Lotus, Ford, you name it – we got ya covered!

Braid’s Classic Series are an example of their ever expanding lineup. Unlike many modern brands, Braid hasn’t forgotten the classic cars. The combination of size/offset/width/color is literally whatever you can dream up. These come in sizes ranging from 13 inch to 15 inch, and widths ranging from 4.5 inch to 15 inch.

Standard color is white, gloss black, satin black, gold, silver, red, anthracite, etc,. Custom colors are available. (+$30). Serie 1 RC and Serie 2 RC can be made with machined spoke face, (+$12). Machining is standard for gold finish. Standard rim finish is anodised silver. Rims can also be polished (+$10), or painted (inner +$10, outer +$15).

Screws can be finished any standard color (+$12), hidden or semi-hidden with some exceptions.

Except for Serie 4 RC, all Classic wheels are available with or without center caps without extra charge except Serie 4 RC wheels which are made with Blind Centres. This means they don’t have a through hole but a BRAID sticker in the solid centre.

Standard offset range -100 to +100. All wheels are made hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts

Any questions you have, let us know! email z1sales@z1auto.com or call (631)863-3820

APR Front Air Dam for the Lotus Exige

10 Feb

APR Air dams are the next step to help aerodynamically tune the handling of your Lotus Exige.  It is common to see new sports cars designed with items such as factory under trays and other advanced aerodynamic components to produce “zero-lift”. Although these components are great at reducing lift, they may not bring the added stability and traction road racers are looking for when taking fast turns. APR Performance utilizes these components and integrates them with a Front Air Dam.

APR Front Air Dams help to reduce lift at high speeds. This Front Air Dam also utilizes a built-in aerodynamic splitter design that creates a high-pressure region of air atop the protruding surface, further reducing lift and increasing net downforce. Ultimately, the reduced lift helps to stabilize the car during high-speed cornering and helps to increase traction for faster lap times. Aside from the performance benefits, the Front Air Dam also adds an aggressive yet functional appearance to a sports car.

Made in pre-preg carbon fiber, each part has gone through a vacuum-bagging and high-temperature autoclave forming process.  This highly-sophisticated process not only ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio, this process also ensures the most consistent carbon weaves possible.


  • Carbon Fiber Construction – All APR Front Air Dams are made in carbon fiber composites for lightweight and high strength.
  • Vehicle Specific Design – APR Air Dams are designed and manufactured for specific vehicles for perfect fitment.
  • Mounting Hardware Included – Screws, nuts, and washers are included to allow you to install the APR Air Dams to your car.

Trial Sports Exige

23 Aug

Love what they have done with the car. The paint/graphics scheme is hardcore, retro and modern at the same time – love it!

Z1 Performance & Sound?… Nah Chill B!

8 Jul

LMAO. Adam is probably reading this saying “What is this fool posting?” Let me set the record straight and say that NO WE DON’T SELL CAR AUDIO! Now that that’s out of the way onto the point of my blog title…

So for those of you who don’t really KNOW us we are car audio buffs probably just as much as we are car performance buffs. We have this philosophy of building balanced cars when it comes to our own personal builds. What good is having a street car that is only good at doing one thing? Better yet how enjoyable is an Endless Big Brake Kit or an A.R.C. thingamajiggy when your sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the Long Island Expressway? The answer is not very enjoyable at all. I’m a firm believer that a good sound system is something that you can enjoy WHENEVER you are in your car regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Even the Stig rocks out to a good track while he is doing his thing 🙂 .

Anyway, here is what I have in my Z. Some of you may have seen these pictures before, but it dawned on me as I was in the garage tonight that I have never posted these on the blog, so I figured why not?  Some may consider it a little excessive and I agree it is but everything I have done to this car so far is excessive in some degree.

Equipment List for the most part:

  • Mcintosh MX406 Headunit
  • Mcintosh MPM4000 Meter Module
  • Morel Elate 3-Way Component Set (1″ Tweeter, 4″ Mid, 6″ Woofer)
  • Mcintosh MCC404M 4 Channel Amplifiers (2, 1 amp powering each door)
  • Mcintosh MCC301M Mono Amplifier (1)
  • Seas Lotus SW300 12″ Subwoofers (2)
  • K40 2000 Front and Rear Radar Detector, and Laser Diffuser (Soon to be swapped out for the new dope Passport 9500ci; These are the two LEDs under the Tachometer)
  • Other Upholstery and Interior Upgrades (Alcantara headliner, visors, shift boot, e-brake; Reupholstered Door Panels and factory Knee Pads; Personal Neo Eagle Steering Wheel, and Leather Shift Knob, tons of other stuff)

I’m not done with this interior yet. I’d like to sell these seats which I haven’t even had an opportunity to use yet and purchase a set of ASM Recaros in what other color but black and blue. I also plan on purchasing a processor in order to fine tune the entire stereo.

Lastly MAJOR MAJOR thanks to my boy Dave at Performance Outfitters Group for doing this dope ass install and tune for me.  He went above and beyond my expectations and treated my car like it was his own. I highly recommend them.

APR GTC200 Spoiler for Elise

8 Mar

APR has just released their new GTC200 spoiler for the Elise.  A great way to add much needed downforce to your track monster or street car!  These are not your run of the mill rice-tastic spoilers….these actually work.  APR uses Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis (CFD) on each application, to ensure it performs as good as it looks. 

The GTC200 meansures 59.5 inches long, 10 inches tall.  Includes everything needed for a pain free install.

MSRP is set at $825.00, but of course, generous discounts are available.

Contact us to purchase this, or any other APR products for your car!

Stormtroopers Attack!

14 Jan

This is some funny ish. Props to Cheston for posting this pic up on my350z, i just wish it were bigger.


Historic Automobile Festival in Japan

28 Oct

I found some pretty cool photos of this track day event that occurred this past weekend in Japan. I don’t know this exact location where this took place but I wish I were there. A bunch of exotics mixing it up on a track, honestly who wouldn’t want to be there to enjoy this?