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With Flare

17 Feb



Laying in Wait

17 Jan

While a bit long in the tooth now, as the design approaches 30 years old, the FC RX7 is still as striking as ever. The GTUs is still a looker.



It was made in 1989, and some late cars were sold as 1990 models. It’s basically a Turbo II without the turbo. Turbo brakes, Turbo suspension, Turbo seats, aluminum hood, no sunroof, 4.3 final drive and LSD

GTUs spec

Dream Car Garage – Rising Sun Edition Volume 1 (and a Contest!)

26 Jan

You remember sitting in your bedroom, staring at the ceiling, pics of 911 Turbos, the ubiquitous Countach, and Heather Locklear adorning the walls…dreaming of what you would like to have, it you could have what you liked. Lots of guys would stack the deck with exotic after exotic. We’ve certainly featured alot of those cars here before, and will always continue to do so. But what about the common mans dream car garage?

I’ve always loved the limited edition version of just about anything. It has a certain inherent cache to it. One car I learned about years ago from Jonathan, was the RX7, FC3S Infini Edition. It was essentially sort of a combineation of cars, with some unique twists. Nice suede seats (Recaro? someone out there must know), as I recall no sunroof, a special dark, dark green color (there were actually 2 different shades, depends on production date), bronze tinted glass, the mesh wheels found on later version US Turbo II models, a subtle but unique rear spoiler (same as an S4 Turbo II/GTU), and a host of other changes. I love the RE Spoiler on the first car though. Jon had this on his FC, I’d surely fit this to my version if I had one.

As I assemble my virtual dream car garage, JDM Edition, this would occupy a space for sure. Stay tuned for the next installments!

If you could assemble a garage of the best ‘regular’ enthusiast cars from across the globe, what would it consist of? No crazy exotics, just stuff that is on your list and somewhat attainable/buildable by the average Joe. Submit your entry, and if we pick it (will be a random drawing, name in the hat type deal), you’ll get a $25 gift certificate, simple as that!