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Black Edition

1 Jan

Mazda recently introduced another limited run of their famed Miata Roadster, called the Kuro (Japanese word for Black). Not quite sure what the Black moniker stands for or than some sort of marketing consistency (Mazda had an RX8 Kuro Edition a few years ago). If black isn’t your thing, it comes in white and red, as well.

It’s avaialable with either a 1.8 liter, with a softop, or 2 liter NA engine, with a retractable hardtop. The graphics package seems to be Mazda’s ‘interpretation’ of those found on the 911 4.0RS

While Miata’s aren’t the craziest horsepower machines out there, but they are about balance. This Miata features a Mazda-claimed 50/50 weight distribution. Combined with a curb weight of 2480 lbs, they are literally go karts.