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28 Sep



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5 May


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24 Mar

Amazing info and footage on THE quintessential Porsche race car

Classic Rewind: Moby Dick

29 Mar


Does it get any better than this?  The classic 935 factory race car evoloved to become known as “Moby Dick”.  The name was well deserved, as Norbert Singer,  Motorsport Director at Porsche at the time, took the FIA regulations to the max.  This car was an absolute animal and it’s one of those cars that I think serves as a bridge between old and new school.  We’re talking technology that was developed in the mid to late 70’s, yet the engine netted approximately 750 hp, 8200 rpm redline from its 3.2 liter, twin turbo flat 6.  This used mechanical fuel injection, and a ridiculously low compression ratio of just 7:1.  Just imagine what this exact engine could do today with a Motec alone, let alone with a more modern compression ratio!  Even with the technological limitations of the day, it still had a top speed of 227 mph, and was said to clock 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.  Porsche is on another level!

The Martini livery is iconic, and suits the car absolutely perfectly.  An insanely rare car, that just about every motorsport enthusiast knows – and that’s what makes it a classic.