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The Tire War

26 May


As those who follow F1 know, tires are the same for everyone. Everyone is handed out the same compounds and must run all of them during the race. Ok, sounds easy enough, fair enough, right? Ehhhh….wrong. During Friday, NBC’s Will Buxton took over NBCSports Twitter and was fielding questions. I asked about tires for the weekend…and the reply was “they are round, black and the same for everyone, lets race”. Well as it turns out, such is not the case.

See, F1 cars are very adjustable, very intricate machines. These are not spec cars. Nor are the staff each team employs. This is racing at its highest level: with the perennial levels of technology, and money all being mixed together in a world class stew. Will Buxton is now reporting that after Spain, in which Mercedes complained about their tires, was given a private test with Pirelli. 1000kms of private testing so Mercedes could “better understand how their chassis was relating to the tire”. It’s also being reported that Ferrari had a similar test after Bahrain. Certainly helps explain the awesome performances since those private tests were conducted. Of course such private tests are not allowed under the rules from a team level. But they are allowed under Pirelli’s contract as tire supplier for the series. Now, whether they plan to hold tests for each individual team remains to be seen, but its nevertheless going to be a hot topic.

Monaco’s Royalty

25 May


While Monaco has no official King (only a Prince, who rules the principality), its default leader is the late Aryton Senna. He won the F1 race here 6 times (still a record). Though he died tragically in 1994, he will always be regarded as one of the best to ever run the famed event.

Bird’s Eye View

25 May

Sort of sums up what I envision the Monaco F1 experience to be

A Walk Around Monaco

25 May

That time of year again – when the talanted, beautiful, and famous gather in the South of France for the Monaco GP. Friday is an off day, with teams taking the chance to go over strategy, relax, catch up on some sightseeing, in preparation for Saturday qualifying.

Here are just some of the images from the past few days taken from across the web. What an amazing place it must be to visit!

Another New Wheel for 2012

3 Jan

Hot off the presses comes this new concave wheel from Vertini, called the Monaco

Massive concavity, split 5 star design. Specs and prices coming soon, due first quarter of 2012, this is a brand new design

24 Hour of Nurburgring, Monaco, and more

15 May

Another year gone by and we’re smack in the middle of probably the best weekend for the true motorsport enthusiast. If you’re looking to chill out and relax tonight, grab a beer, turn the lights out, and watch the 24 Hours of Nurburgring Live Stream

For audio commentary, the best one out there is