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Adam’s Project Z33: Cool(er) Runnings

20 Sep

Now that I’ve driven the car around for the past 3 weeks with the new plenum/throttle body, I’ve started to become accustomed to the “quirks” of the setup. It still hasn’t been dyno tuned, and the street tuning we did was with the car at full temperature. Since we no longer use the drive by wire, there is no cold start setup, which is something we’ll have to tackle soon, especially with the colder months coming up. What I did notice though, was that the car doesn’t like to do a dead cold start, but hot starts are fine. However, once started, it is more willing to idle nicely before the cooling fans have kicked on, telling me that we should be able to play with the Haltech software and make things cooperate nicely. It also idles quite well with the a/c on, which is a welcomed surprise. I also noticed that when things are up to temperature, and the both cooling fans kick on, the idle freaks out a bit, with some minor surging. So, I started looking into what I could do to keep the intake from ingesting the fans air, and also keep the intake temps as low as possible. My previous setup consisted of the Gruppe-M carbon intake, but I sold it when I didn’t think I’d have any use for it during the “I’m doing ITB’s” phase. Of course, that turned out to be just a phase (nightmarish, as I’ve eluded to previously).

The first thing I did was install a heatshield. It is supposed to be used on a 3 inch conical filter, but I took a chance and it turns out to fit perfectly on my 4 inch HKS (which has a 3 inch inlet). Came in a nice polished finish. I think I’ll grab some of the nice silver heat reflective tape from Coast Fabrication just as a bit of extra prevention too.

When Kwame and I were BS’ing the other night, he suggested I also install the NISMO V2 duct that I’ve had sitting here at the shop since forever. It originally came with the bumper I was going to run, but ended up swapping for something else. So today I set about installing the duct. It did require some trimming since it was not designed with my front bumper in mind, but it ended up coming out great. I’ll do some logging with the Haltech over the next few days and hopefully it made a difference!


Rare Carbon Inside

26 Mar

Received an air shipment from Japan today with a VERY rare piece for a customer.  “H” likes all things NISMO.  I know his tastes pretty well, since they mirror many of my own.  He wants a car that is truly his own, but one that could have (read should have!) come from the factory that way.  Towards that end, he is one of the few out there that has a genuine NISMO Japan V1 aero kit (JDM skirts and all!), the NISMO performance dampers front and rear, and other cool stuff. 

So “H” gets in touch with us a few weeks ago to source a very rare piece.  The NISMO V2 carbon center blade.  This might not sound like a big deal to many out there, since there are umpteen replicas out there that sport a carbon center section on the V2 spoiler.  But “H” doesn’t want replica…he wants real.  Fast forward a few weeks and it’s in front of us today.  The only other car I have ever seen this part on was the NISMO RS Concept from a few years back.  Exclusive indeed!

NISMO RS Concept

NISMO RS Concept

You’ll notice one of the pics has the blade sitting up against some rather meaty R888’s.  We’ll share those tomorrow !