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I Like Your Purple NSX it’s Very Purple-ey

3 Apr

Actually Camellia Red Pearl by Backyard Special….not a great name for a tuning house but they make exceptionally nice stuff nevertheless.



Thou Shall Not Covet…..

26 Jan


Toda’s ITB Equipped Honda 3.2 liter V6


30 Nov


Doesn’t get much better than this! White NSX with SSR Type F’s. Need a set for your car? Contact z1sales@z1auto.com, we are an authorized dealer.

Mo’ Orange

6 Nov

Back in 2009 posted a couple pics of a certain orange NSX https://cornerbalance.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/orange-crush-installed/

Same car shown here, at a track day – absolutely, one of the best examples of an NSX out there, and a car who’s design clearly has aged well!

What’s Worth Watching

16 Feb

Follow them, amazing content

Dream Car Garage- Rising Sun Edition Vol II

4 Feb

Words not required


Frank Ocean – Acura Integurl

27 May

Good sound and good taste in cars…

Aging Gracefully…

18 Jun

A pristine NSx on Meisters

Tochigi Prefecture Highway Patrol Vehicles

13 Jan

Can you really go wrong with any of them?

I saw someone make mention on my350z.com about Jay Bryan posting on the Tochigi Prefecture’s NISMO Z33 back in December of ’07 on his old “Dropjay” blog but he has since taken it down so I do not know how much of this material is repetitive.

I apologize if it’s redundant but this is the first time I’ve seen real pictures of these vehicles.


17 Dec

Congratulations to 5Zigen for winning dual races at Twin Ring Motegi, in Super Taikyu ST3 class. Congratulations – NA Powa!!!

I Heart NSX’s

9 Dec

Jonathan has always thought I should have an NSX – since he’s firmly in the Honda camp for the last few years, I am going to start working on him to get one 🙂 Here in NY, you hardly see any of them, and on the rare opportunity that you do, they are almost always stock. Neat cars for sure, and they still look great nearly 20 years on

Here are some immaculate examples from GT One

Their Ti exhausts are bad ass!

NSX+RS=Hell Yes

28 Nov

Scientific fact posted right there! Take an awesome NSX (owned by good customer in Chi-town) and a bad ass set of wheels (Advan RS) and you’ve got yourself a winning combo!

No Title Needed

18 Oct

Just 2 sweet cars in the paddock. Both cars are sponsored by Benelop, a large real estate management and development firm in Japan. I’ve got more pics of the NSX, which I believe is prepped by Taitec, but haven’t located any other details on the Z yet, except it’s wearing an NKB/Seiken widebody kit. This was taken back in ’07.

Orange Crush Installed

25 Apr

A couple shots of G’s awesome NSX.  He went full Team Orange…quick release, steering wheel and Works Bell Hub.  Compliments the color scheme of the car perfectly

Toda Racing NSX Engine

29 Mar

Not sure of the exact specs, (I think this is their GT300 engine kit) but it looks sexy !